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Posted by JudyS on 2/21/04 at 14:11 (144935)

Hi Everybody!
I am coming to you from an internet cafe on Waikiki Beach! Life is quite horrible right now! :)
As I just heard someone on the beach say 'another day in paradise' (sorry all you snow-bound folks).
It couldn't be more perfect. Beautiful deep-blue sky, aquamarine ocean and gold, gold sand. Averaging about 80 degrees with just the right amount of humidity.
We played two games yesterday, today will be two and tomorrow will be two.
I stayed at first base for the most part. Did a short stint in left field but even my coach could see that my Achilles couldn't handle that. I'm usually a bit more macho when I'm playing ball but.........well, not this time!
As lead-off hitter I went four for five with a walk so I was quite swell-headed about that! :) At my sixth at-bat I was at the plate getting ready to hit when I heard my phone ring in the dugout! My teammates recognized the 'number calling' as my home so yelled that hubby wanted to know where the dishsoap was! I pop-flyed out on that one!
Speaking of teammates, I couldn't ask for better ones. It's been a pure joy being here with them - each one very ready to accomodate each other one in any time of need.
Twelve of us went to Bubba Gumps for dinner last night - we took a city bus from Waikiki - and twelve of us gut quite ripped (knowing that we have late games today!). Our poor, 25-year-old, very cute, waiter took a lot of heat from us twelve 50-something ladies!
Well, that's it so far - tomorrow a luau, Monday a boat trip out to swim with the dolphins......
Hope you're all well..

Re: Aloooooooooooooha!

Dorothy on 2/21/04 at 14:32 (144938)

LOVE this report!!

Re: Aloooooooooooooha!

wendyn on 2/21/04 at 15:42 (144944)

Judy - sounds like you are having a great vacation..enjoy!!!!!

We at least feel like we have spring today - it is bright and sunny, and things have been melting slowly for several days in a row.

Ahhhh. I love spring.

Re: Aloooooooooooooha!

Necee on 2/23/04 at 08:08 (145075)

Sounds like you're having a blast Judy!!
Hope you continue to have a great time, and a safe trip back home.
Are you taking lots of pictures?

Happy trails....


Re: Aloooooooooooooha!

Kathy G on 2/23/04 at 08:44 (145079)

If only he had waited to find out where the dishsoap was! It sounds like you're having a wonderful time! Ah, I would love to see Hawaii someday. Although maybe I'd opt for St John's first. Or maybe do the Virgin Islands one year and Hawaii the next. Yup....right after I win the megabucks! No, it wasn't me!

Have a wonderful time over there, Judy! It sounds like you have a great team of friends!

Re: Aloooooooooooooha!

marie on 2/23/04 at 20:04 (145127)

I'm hoping we can get you to post a few photos for those of us stuck in the cold and snow!

Have fun!