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heel pain

Posted by diane H on 2/21/04 at 19:59 (144981)

I have suffered heel pain for about 4years it occured after I fell and sprain my ankle. the pain is so severe. I can't sit down stand up walk let alone run. at night I can't sleep the pain is unbearable. the pain is in my heel and ankle of my right foot. i have been wearing inserts and nothing seems to help. I did receive a shot of cortiscone but that did absolutely nothing. I would like to know what else can I try. i was thinking about getting a night splint. how good are they.

Re: heel pain

Dr. Z on 2/22/04 at 07:52 (145008)

I would first get an mri due to this starting with an injury. The heel pain may be a sign of some other type of joint surface, ligament and or tendon injury

Re: heel pain

DELORES T on 2/22/04 at 18:36 (145028)


Re: heel pain

joe s. on 2/24/04 at 15:33 (145217)

i believe i have achelies tendonidis what kind of heel lift do you recomend and where can i get one

Re: heel pain

Julie on 2/25/04 at 01:38 (145265)

Joe, I don't think a doctor here would want to answer that question because you haven't seen a doctor and you don't actually know what is wrong. Please make an appointment with a podiatrist to confirm your self-diagnosis and follow his/her advice; then ask questions here.

Re: heel pain

miker on 2/25/04 at 12:01 (145320)

I am very active, I coach basketball and soccer. I also teach group fitness classes six days a week. Today my heel pain is so intense I can't walk. What can I do?