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Which doctor should I see

Posted by Renee S on 2/23/04 at 08:26 (145077)

I would like to know which is better to treat PH and heel spurs, a podiatrist or an orthopaedist. Also which is better suited to do surgery? Surgery is my last option but I do want to be informed beforehand. Thank you very much for your help.

Re: Which doctor should I see

Dr. Z on 2/23/04 at 20:11 (145129)

Both if they meet the following criteria.
They listen
They give you the time
A friend or family doctor referred you to them
They treat alot of heel pain
They are board certified
Such a start

Re: Which doctor should I see

Renee S on 2/24/04 at 07:43 (145170)

Thank you.