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Pf and posterior tibial tendonitis.......

Posted by Linda L on 2/24/04 at 00:58 (145156)

Hello, i have had PF in both feet for about 8 months now and just a couple days ago i started having sharp pain in my inner ankle. As it began radiating towards my arch area and up my leg i woke up this morning to my arch area and my leg half way up to my knee swollen. after going to the ER they said i have posterior tibial tendonitis. My problem arose as i was handed crutches, because my leg was put in a cast, and began limping on one foot and PF symptoms began again on the foot i was using as an aid. An advice? is the cast really necessary? will it help both my PF and tendonitis of i keep it on for 6 weeks? should i cast both legs just to rest them both and heal my PF? im in a rut. i need help! =(

Re: torn patellia tendon 67% torn

bobby wilson on 2/25/04 at 02:27 (145266)

please give me some information on how to cope with the pain in my ankel. i need to know what to take for the pain i was presribed percocet 5-325 and i have to take 2 & 3 at a time;; what do i need to do????????