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heel spur

Posted by Mary Beth B. on 2/24/04 at 07:42 (145169)

I have self diagnosed that I have heel spur. I have been going barefoot in my house for the most part for years. I started wearing Dansko shoes full time a few days ago and feel better when I wear them. I want to know if I can dissolve the bone spur through vitamins or eliminate certain foods. I am 50 years old. I'd rather wear quality shoes and no orthotics.

thank you very much.

Re: heel spur

Dr. David S. Wander on 2/24/04 at 07:47 (145171)

Mary Beth,

If you read Scott's heel pain 'book' on this site you'll have a better understanding of heel pain. You'll also realize that the actual spur (if it exists) RARELY if ever causes pain. The pain is from the plantar fascia stretching and pulling. There are no methods of 'dissolving' a spur via chemicals, vitamins, etc. And, once again, if you have a spur, it's probably not the actual cause of the pain. Self diagnosis is certainly not wise, and evaluation by a doctor would be a good start.

Re: heel spur

Julie on 2/24/04 at 08:19 (145172)

Mary Beth

Dr Wander suggested that you read the heel pain book. It didn't appear as a link in his post, perhaps because the word 'blue' was in inverted commas, but it should here: click on the blue words and you'll be taken to it. It's a mine of information about plantar fasciitis and you will find it helpful.

But the most important thing is to see a foot doctor (podiatrist) for a full examination to determine the cause of your PF. Treatment should follow from that: self-diagnosis is really isn't a good idea.