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sex and tarsal tunnel?

Posted by samuel c on 2/26/04 at 08:14 (145400)

is anyone able to have sex when they have tts? i noticed when i do i do not even think about tts? what are your experiences?

Re: sex and tarsal tunnel?

James C on 2/26/04 at 08:52 (145407)

This is the only time that I forget about tts.

Re: sex and tarsal tunnel?

samuel c on 2/26/04 at 09:11 (145410)


Re: sex and tarsal tunnel?

Kara S. on 2/26/04 at 12:31 (145430)

Only a guy would ask this question. :)

Re: sex and tarsal tunnel?

marie on 2/26/04 at 18:08 (145463)


Distraction is a wonderful cure for pain. If sex is works as a distraction....I say have fun....you don't have anything to loose.

Re: sex and tarsal tunnel?

Ricky J. on 2/27/04 at 10:55 (145510)

Neurontin is the anti viagra, it also tends to dull more than pain, if you know what I mean.

Re: sex and tarsal tunnel?

marie on 2/27/04 at 19:01 (145539)

Nahhh! It just makes it more of a challenge. I think having children was the bigger anti viagra. Raising them can be exhausting.

best wishes marie

Re: sex and tarsal tunnel?

James C on 3/01/04 at 10:56 (145708)

Samuel C
I had tts surgrey and also partial pf surgery on my left foot .I have it in both feet as of right now I can't tell if it is better or not. I probably will not be able to tell until I start trying to walk without crutches which is another 5 weeks. It has been only 3 weeks .I can't put much weight on it right now . I am walking in a Royce walking boot with the help of crutches. I 'll keep you posted. GOOD LUCK

Re: sex and tarsal tunnel?

samuel on 3/02/04 at 18:31 (145845)

how old are u and what do you do for a job? do you tink you be able to go back to work?

Re: sex and tarsal tunnel?

DRZ on 3/02/04 at 21:41 (145865)

As many positions there are, theres no problem. You can always find a mutually pleasing position betweeen a man aand woman . Just dont try the one were your woman is on her back and you are on top with each of her legs up on your shoulders and your supporting yourself by your hands, palms down and your feet are upside down bent as straight as your legs. The bottom of your feet are facing the cieling. This seems to cause some pain and numbess after your done hittin it . Seems like the circulation gets somewhat restricted to your feet. GOOD LUCK TRY IT WHEN YOUR HEALTHY AGAIN ,GREAT STRESS RELIEVER!

Re: R We have a problem on this board !!!

Dr. Z on 3/02/04 at 22:02 (145866)

Someone is posting in my name.!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: sex and tarsal tunnel?

James C on 3/03/04 at 13:21 (145926)

I am 41 and have been a mail carrier who walks 10 miles a day .I love my job but I don't think I'll ever be able to do this job again. I am hoping and praying that this will get me back to work soon but right now I am on workers comp.I may have to persue something else. I love to bird hunt with my dogs and this year I didn't get to go. Not only has tts and pf hurt my job it has also destroyed my quality of life.

Re: sex and tarsal tunnel?

Dorothy on 3/03/04 at 14:39 (145932)

While you are healing and waiting to see, why not try to focus on the things that you can do and do still have in your life. Believe me, I - and probably everyone here - can relate to your feelings; it's a loss and it's hard to deal with BUT attitude and outlook matter so do what you can to focus on the positive in the midst of the negative. Not trying to be a Pollyanna, but trying to point to a different perspective. You might try reading some books that can help with that - for example, I am reading a new book, Blindsided, by Richard Cohen, a journalist who writes about his life with MS and resultant blindness, colon cancer and more and how he has dealt with the major life changes. So far, a good read - not sappy.
Having said all that, I do hope that you have a full recovery and are able to return to the work and activities you love. Your healthful worklife, walking 10 miles a day, is probably helping you now as your body tries to heal itself. Good luck and best wishes to you~

Re: R We have a problem on this board !!!

marie on 3/03/04 at 21:00 (145952)

Yes we do have a problem if someone is posting under your name. Yikes...not this stuff again. I only check in here and the social board, so I'm always the last to find out. Has there been more than one post under your name? Was that you who responded to Scott on the social board?

If you're posting under Dr. Z's name go away. This is a medical board for those suffering from tts. Shooooo!!! That should take care of it! x-(x-(

By the way Dr. Z I thought you were going to go by Dr. Zuckerman. You may consider doing that again.

best wishes marie

Re: I have sex with PF

BudP on 5/06/04 at 00:45 (150114)

It is quite painful but it does take your mind off the pain for some time.
I feel like I'm working out of the pipe fitters union back in Pitsburg PA Local 319. It hurts like hell til you get the pipes bonded and in the proper spot,but when the magic starts to flow a pipe fitteralways lays the pipe right. Amen