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Home again home again........

Posted by JudyS on 2/26/04 at 14:06 (145438)

We returned home last night after an absolutely perfect week on Oahu.
We placed second in the tournament with each and every player having their chance to shine - it was the most wonderful teamwork I've ever seen.
(the bonus was that we knocked the 'attitudenal' team out of the tournament...)
My feet took a beating, overall, what with playing and with being a tourist, but they seem to have a relatively quick recovery time so I'm certainly grateful for that.
Swimming with the dolphins was too awesome for words. We used snorkle gear and floated on the surface while watching the dolphins cavort about thirty or forty feet down. We then went about a mile or so out and spotted several small groups of whales.
I've also managed to come home with a ton of hawaiian-print shirts, tablecloths, etc.! Most of us had to buy an extra bag to bring all the loot home in!

Re: Home again home again........

Necee on 2/26/04 at 14:48 (145442)

Sounds like your trip was everything you hoped for, and then some!
Congratulations on your win!!

Swimming with the Dolphins....WOW, thats awesome! I just love em, I think we have so much to learn from just watching them.

I'm glad your feet didn't act up, and that you were able to enjoy the trip. Please send me an email and tell me more about those Dolphins.

You mentioned that you had to buy more tote bags to bring all the extra stuff home....kinda reminds me of a trip I took to Georgia and the Carolinas one time....we were driving through the mountains and I noticed a huge Hornets nest in a tree, inactive, of course....well...needless to say, I had a fit over it, and just had to get the thing down and take it with me....I'm sure most of you know what kind of nest I'm talking about, it's large, about the size of a basketball, and has an enlongated shape to it, the gray paperlike outerlayer hangs down from a tree branch, it has a small hole in the side of it where the hornets enter. My hubby had to climb on top of the trunk of the rental car to reach it, he cut the branch and down it came. Well....the morning of our flight back home, we had to find a Wal Mart so I could purchase a tote bag to bring this nest back on the plane with me. I like to have never got the thing tucked under my seat! Once we got off the plane I thought about something......those hornets nest are notorious for snakes crawling inside them and sleeping, what if....just what if....a snake had slithered out of that nest while we were in flight!!!! When I thought about that I got chill bumps!! Thank goodness that didn't happen, and now 6 yrs later, the nest still hangs in a corner of our sun porch, good as new.

Happy trails......


Re: Home again home again........

Lari S on 2/26/04 at 16:57 (145459)

Congratulations Judy! I just love it when an 'attitudenal' team takes a nose dive... I'm so glad you made the trip and had such a great time.

I'm a member of the 'buy bags there and fill them' shopping squad. When I went to Korea, I bought 3 rolling 'body bags' (the kind that unzip until they are 3 1/2 feet tall)for the kids for Xmas. I then proceeded to buy to my hearts content. My girlfriend and I were in the hotel trying to beat the stuff down into the bags so we could get it all in. The best part was coming back through customs at the San Francisco airport. The agent looked at my 4 bags (carry-on + body bags) and custom declaration listing everything I had bought, shook his head, then exempted me from paying customs duty. He said that anyone that could buy that much in 4 days must be a professional buyer. :D

Re: Home again home again........

Bob G on 2/26/04 at 23:24 (145485)

Hey, Judy, welcome back! Ohhh, if only I had more time to keep in touch. Spent the last three days in Santa Barbara with Jeannette getting set up for business. Last night in her new (really nice) apartment, no furniture, rain coming down in buckets, only two chairs and an ice box for a table, listening to a new CD and dancing - yes, dancing (no pain) and laughing, and singing about a rainy night in (Georgia) Santa Barbara. She asked about you. Glad you enjoyed Hawaii!

Oh, went to Orlando last weekend on business/fun. Here's a pic: http://www.reversepro.com/cabob.jpg (hope it works, if not copy/paste)

Re: Home again home again........

JudyS on 2/29/04 at 12:27 (145648)

Very cool pic Bob G! It reminds me of another characiture I saw of you.....where was that?

I imagine Orlando had about the same weather I experienced on Oahu?
Congrats to Jeannette - she'll enjoy Santa Barbara - who wouldn't!