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RFL again

Posted by monte on 2/26/04 at 21:57 (145483)

Hi all....I had another round of RFL done today by Dr Cozzarrelli. I tell you he is great....really nice man as well as a fine doctor.

Well....let me say this...This is the 3 time I had it done...but I don't count the first time because I picked spots randomly over the entire sole of both feet. This really didn't allow me to feel an major relief due to the size of the treatment area relative to the pain area.

The second time I decided to work in clusters. I pin pointed pain spots on each heel close together....main the medial side of each heel.

This methodology work pretty well...allowed me to stand a bit more comfortably and to walk better.

This time I worked in clusters on the lateral portion of the heels since the medial portions feel better than before the treatment.

Right now I am sore from the proceedure....but will report back in a few days..

When I get the heels to a decent pain level, I will work with Dr Cozzarelli to see how we can treat the arches...I will again focus in a cluster on each arch....They are harder to treat due to the amount of muscle in them as compared to the heels.

Well...sorry for the long post....but I want this to work so bad for me and hopefully man others. It is time consuming, but I am trying to be methodical about my approach in determining the treatement areas.

If I find a great amount of success after all my treatments, then I can hopefully help others so they can approach it the same way.

I think it will (in the long run) yield good enough OVERALL results to allow me a good comfort level during the healing process.

Remember...this will not treat the condition, but it can take away the need to daily pain meds and help you to walk with a better stride...both of which I have achieved so far.

I will update more in a few days..

Hope this information is useful or at least encouraging for others.

Re: RFL again

Julie on 2/27/04 at 02:04 (145492)

I'm sure it is encouraging, Monte. You've been searching for a solution for so long, and it's great that you've found something that really is helping at last. I wish you much more success and a completely pain-free future - very soon.

Re: RFL again

BrianG on 2/27/04 at 08:47 (145499)

Hi Monte,

Good deal !!! Just wondering, is your insurance paying for this?

Good luck

Re: RFL again

Pauline on 2/27/04 at 09:41 (145502)

Thank you for the update and for not giving up. Does this treatment result in actual numbness in the areas treated? In other words, if you stepped on something would you feel it?

You're our pioneer on this one and I think we are all very interested in your treatment and success.

Re: RFL again

Dr. Z on 2/27/04 at 09:55 (145506)

Keep going monte. Wish you all the hope and luck. DR. Cozz knows RFL lesioning as you already know !!

Re: RFL again

monte on 2/27/04 at 13:04 (145516)

First off...thanks for the well wishes.

Yes....my insurance covers it all....thankfully...it can be very expensive...probably about 4x the cost of ESWT.

The area treated is not numb like you might think it is....it may feel weird when you rub over it....but i can feel everything that I step on and temperatures

More information to follow

And yes...Dr Cozz knows his stuff