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What is this?

Posted by JudyB on 2/28/04 at 10:51 (145580)

My symptoms:

Pain in arche nad heel when standing for more than 10 minutes
Pain in tendon that connects to the first metatarsal head when walking for more than 10 minutes (right foot)
No morning pain, but a little discomfort when stepping out of bed
When I press on fascia when my feet hurt, it hurts
I have been to a podiatrst, she fitted me with orthodics which help some, but still have problems. She says I have fasciitis and sesamottis (spelling?).
Icing helps a lot, but doesn't that just cover up the symptom? Plus after 30minutes of icing, pain returns.

What is this? This has been going on for a year!
Thank you.