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TaloNavicular Fusion w Chronic DJD in Navicular Joint

Posted by Phil on 2/28/04 at 14:51 (145601)

I've had Talonavicular Fusion done.Two screws in the foot and corrective surgery to an area on the left side of the left foot described as Tenosynovitis.I had the DJD removed from the Navicular Joint
Since the surgery in Sept 03 the muscle across the ankle has remained largely swollen,my blood vessels are grossly enlarged(and up the lower calf too)and I have what looks like 'pooling' of blood just below my toes and down the left side of foot.
I've deliberated this with my doc who tells me not to worry about it;however I am in a lot of pain when I stand on it and it is getting worse--cannot walk without pain anymore and this muscle keeps swelling.
I'm beginning to wonder if the possibility of Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome might be occuring as a result of this swollen muscle.My toes have lost mobility(they go in the opposite direction) and because of the Talonavicular Fusion I no longer have voluntary Eversion and Inversion in the foot.
I'm really worried that perhaps I need to get a Vascular Specialist to take an Ultrasound of my foot.
I am in Therapy now since Nov 03 and the swelling persists on the outer left ankle area.The whole ankle is in fact grossly swollen.
Could someone out there have the same surgery? Or perhaps have some knowledgeable answers which I desperately seek.
My Seagoing Career is on the line here and I could use some interesting suggestions to resolve my pain and medical condition

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Re: TaloNavicular Fusion w Chronic DJD in Navicular Joint

Dr. Z on 3/02/04 at 16:06 (145819)


I would get a lower extremity ultrasound to rule out DVT. RSD is also a possibility . Take action this is your foot. Good luck and keeps us updated

Re: TaloNavicular Fusion w Chronic DJD in Navicular Joint

Phil on 3/04/04 at 14:13 (146017)

When a Dr is under the guidance or principles involved with Workers Compensation;is that Dr possibly under the authority of the respective Co or Ins Carrier to only enact certain procedures?(They are carrying the bill)
My Dr is continually being somewhat evasive in the entirety of my foot problem and recently said that the Ultrasound was not deemed necessary at this time,albeit I am having continued pain and problems as described in the previous message.
I am now debating a visit with another Orthopedic Specialist; to get the needed referral for an Ultrasound;strictly on a seperate and confidential basis in order to establish if indeed there does exist anomalies which may or may not be deliberately avoided in as much as Co liability goes..
The RSD and DVT will be addressed as well.