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great deal of pain in left foot

Posted by Colleen E. on 2/28/04 at 15:27 (145605)

I have been having pain in my left foot for about 3 weeks now. It has gradually gotten worse. At first it didn't hurt so much walking, it would hurt more when I was just sitting or sleeping and then when I would get up in the morning, it was terrible pain in the lower part of my foot, on the inside of the heel area, to the point where I didn't want to walk on it. The pain has gotten worse now, it's beginning to hurt to walk on it, and i'm a nurses aide and work 8 to 12hrs on my feet a day. I am also an athlete and am very serious in the softball area. I felt fine yesterday on the ball field with my cleats on and now today after being at practice I have had pain in my foot all day. I have read some things about heel spurs and spoke with therapy at my work and they said that is probably what it is. I have heard that there is no cure for this and they can do cortisone injections which will only temporarily relieve the pain or there is also the result of surgery which I don't care to go that route at all. I was wondering what I can do to alleviate this pain, maybe there is some vitamin I can take or something to that affect. I have seen some orthotics, but they are terribly overpriced and I just don't care to spend that much money on those, personally I can't afford it at all, I am single with a low income. Any information you could give me that might help me would be greatly appreciated.
thank you,

Re: great deal of pain in left foot

Julie on 2/28/04 at 15:38 (145606)

Colleen, I'm not a doctor, but I can tell you that it is not true that there is no cure for plantar fasciitis (the correct term for heel spurs) if that is what you have. You should read the heel pain book to inform yourself about PF and the variety of treatments for it. You should also make an appointment with a podiatrist for a full examination and an accurate diagnosis so that the cause of your problem can be established and treated.

It's very possible that your work, which has you on your feet all day, is implicated - is it possible for you to get switched for at least a while to sit-down duties to give yourself a chance to heal?