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Mortons Nuroma Pain

Posted by PatrickY on 2/28/04 at 19:57 (145619)

I had surgery on Nov.14,2003 to remove the nuroma on Rt. Foot between 2nd and 3rd toe ,by a orthropetic foot spicalast . The orginal in the Ball of foot as disapered,how erever there is now alot of pain comming from the top of foot brtween 3rd and 4th toe,and the bottom of the foot continues to hurt when I put weight bearing on it, it feals like the bottom of foot under the toe is filled with something and when I but weight on it ,it feals like this stuf want's to come out the toes. The doctor says it still has some swelling , and recomends continueind therapy ,where the heat it put electric shock therapy them masage it , they alos recomend that I ice that area several times a day , I have been doing this for apx. 3months and not getting anywhere. I almost feal that now there is a nuroma between the 3rd and 4th toe although it is now a different type of pain that I started out with. I prevousely in the year befor the surgery had 5 quterzone shots in foot,and now am thaeind Viox pescribed by doctor. In the past I hav always been a powerwalker and a runner, who even ran in two New York City Marrathons . I have been unable to do thease activeties since October 2002....I need good advise........Thanks

Re: Mortons Nuroma Pain

Sheila S on 2/29/04 at 06:41 (145634)

Hi, you might want to check out this site http://www.dellon.com and see what Dr. Lee Dellon says about neuromas. I've had similar problems, with two surgeries through the top of the foot by two different local doctors, and in January went to Baltimore to see Dr. Dellon, he just did (the 3rd) surgery on mine...after 3 years of suffering, I have no pain now at all in the 3rd web space. Except I definitely discovered I do have a neuroma in the last web space - which I couldn't detect because the original pain in the 3rd web space was bad. Good news, bad news. But he fixed the worst of the problem.

My advice is do loads of research - there is a ton of information available on the internet. And find another doctor. You should not be suffering this long after surgery. If the surgery had been successful, and if you did not have a problem in another area like me, you would be pain-free now. Was the incision through the top of your foot or the sole of your foot?


Re: Mortons Nuroma Pain

ruth m on 6/22/08 at 15:47 (247872)

I also had foot surgery last year. I was told that correcting my bunion would also relieve the pain I was feeling in my 2nd toe. 3 months after my surgery the burning pain is still there. I am now having the alchohol shots, almost finished and still no relief...do the yoga toes help?? Ready for amputation, love going for walks and now on a daily basis all I can do is limp. I also have the shoe inserts...

Re: Mortons Nuroma Pain

Risa on 8/25/08 at 18:17 (249598)

Just buy wider shoes and go to an acupunturist. mine is gone with no surgery.