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Hagler's defromity

Posted by cynthia h on 2/29/04 at 13:01 (145656)

I'm not sure of the correct spelling, but I was told I have the above deformity. I have both achilles tendonitis and heel spurs with plantar facitis. I do feel that the back of my heels have become larger,swelling or bone? Can you tell me any more?

Re: Haglund's deformity

Dr. David S. Wander on 3/01/04 at 19:15 (145748)

Haglund's deformity is a bony prominence at the posterior (back), superior (top) part of the heel. Haglund's deformity is not the same as spurring at the back of the heel. A Haglund's deformity is essentially an 'odd' shape of the bone with a sharp angle causing a bony prominence, which often can irritate the Achilles and form an inflamed bursa. This is not always associated with a tight Achilles tendon, whereas spurring at the posterior aspect of the heel is usually associated with a tight Achilles tendon. Often, shoe accomodations or a change of shoes can alleviate the symptoms of Haglund's deformity. Additionally, there are silicone pads that can be used to decrease shoe irritation. Surgical correction is relatively simple and can usually be performed without disruption of the Achilles tendon. For more information, do a search on 'HAGLUND'S' deformity, also known as a 'pump bump' (from the irritation from women's pumps).