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Posted by JudyS on 2/29/04 at 13:29 (145658)

Does anybody recognize these?

Re: photo

marie on 2/29/04 at 17:06 (145667)

:) I think I've been there!

Re: photo

JudyS on 2/29/04 at 18:48 (145671)

I sure hope you have, Marie, because they're your photos!

Re: photo

JudyS on 2/29/04 at 18:49 (145672)

Marie, I really like having winter scenes around my house during winter - they connect me to my roots! Yours caught my eye because of they're unique nature.

Re: photo

Dorothy on 3/01/04 at 00:35 (145691)

Well, now you have raised a photo mystery. How did you acquire photos by Marie? Marie, how did JudyS acquire photos by Marie? I wish I could see them a little better but I couldn't enlarge the view enough. From what I could see, they look great (no surprise).

Re: photo

marie on 3/01/04 at 05:50 (145697)

You can order them from the shutterfly links I post....it's my gift to heelspurs and all the other places I have left links.

Re: photo

marie on 3/01/04 at 16:56 (145740)

Judy...that's sweet. I am honored that you had them matted and framed. I guess if you can't have the real thing a few pictures of snow should remind you of the midwest. Of course I'm thinking palm trees and sun would be great about now!:)

Re: Hey Judy, how about a picture of you deleting all the posts of the posters on your enemies list? Huh?

Phil C. on 3/04/04 at 00:17 (145968)

Phil C.