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Is this plantar fascitis?

Posted by K on 2/29/04 at 15:26 (145660)

Hi I'd appreciate any help I can get. Two days ago, I got a stabbing pain in the middle of my right foot, near the outside. This occurred about 9 months ago, for about a week, and then went away by itself. I went to my doctor, who told me to go get x-rays and an ultrasound of my foot. I am currently living and going to school in Europe, and found my x-rays, and this is what the report said (I hope this is the right translation, my French is pretty poor)

The abnormality essentially is constituted by a 'clean/neat thickening of the aponeurosis planter (the original word was: aponévrosite plantaire) at the inside arch in keeping with an aponeureosis.

That is about as much as I got from the report. I went out of town the day after my xrays/ultrasound and never gave them to my English speaking doctor. When I returned, the pain had gone away and I forgot all about bringing them in. Now, after 9 months, the pain has returned for no apparent reason. Does anyone know if this is plantar fascitis? I have a pain in my right foot, at the middle, outer side of the foot, and only a little into the heel, and it hurts every time I take a step or put weight on it. Unlike what I read, it doesn't hurt any more after I've been sitting for a while, actually, I am able to take about 10 pain free steps after I have been sitting. Today, I put on my high healed boots to walk to the store, and it seemed to hurt less, now that I am walking in socks in my apartment, it is hurting horribly.

I am supposed to be going skiing next week, and would really like this to be explained. It came and went in about 8 days last time. BTW I am a 21 year old female, not over weight, don't do a lot of extraneous exercises like running, but do tend to walk quite a bit in highly uncomfortable shoes.

Thanks and sorry for the long ramble,

Re: Is this plantar fascitis?

BrianJ on 2/29/04 at 21:07 (145681)

I'm not a doctor, but it certainly sounds like plantar fasciitis. The plantar aponeurosis is just another name for the plantar fascia, and plantar fasciitis is ususally characterized by swelling or thickening of the fascia. You should read the Heel Pain Book on this site. Don't walk around barefoot or in socks. Your feet need support. Your boots take the strain off the fascia somewhat because of their high heels. Keep wearing them if they feel comfortable. Most importantly, take this seriously, because a 'minor' case of plantar fasciitis can become chronic if you don't rest your feet and seek treatment from an experienced podiatrist.

Good luck.

Re: Is this plantar fascitis?

Linda L. on 3/02/04 at 04:14 (145762)

Hello K, first thing first i would advise you not to walk barefoot around the house, im not sure about your ultrasound results because i myself am no doctor but i've had plantar fasciitis for about 8 months now. im 20 years old and well its not easy considering i love boots and heels and sandals that of which i am no longer able to wear. if you say you can only take 10 steps and then have pain i would really advise you to see a doctor. as of your ski trip i would cancel it, trust me i used to ignore the pain myself and now i regret it. your health comes before all else such as fun on your ski trip take care of yourself and be smart. if you need any info you can email me. good luck