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Pain under heel

Posted by Pand G on 3/01/04 at 02:50 (145695)


I have been suffering from pain under my (left leg) heel for the past more than 6 months. Its now developing under my right leg too.
I feel pain if I continuously sit,stand, walk or lie down in one position. I try to change positions some times, but pain persists.
I also have developed pain in my left hand thumb, right knee too...

I just like to know what is all this related too?!?!?!?
Is there any cure for this?!?!?!

Re: Pain under heel

BrianJ on 3/01/04 at 09:12 (145702)

You should be examined by both a podiatrist and a rheumatologist. Your symptoms are consistent with many possible conditions such as plantar fasciitis, fibromyalgia or arthritis. This is why you should see a doctor and have some tests run.

Re: Pain under heel

Dr. David S. Wander on 3/01/04 at 19:08 (145747)

I agree with Brian. No doctor on this site can make an accurate diagnosis without a thorough examination. After you are seen by a doctor, and receive a diagnosis, I will be happy to answer some of your questions.