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ankle pain after PF surgery

Posted by donna r. on 3/01/04 at 13:07 (145728)

I recently had plantar faciitis surgery on December 12, '04. Surgery went
well and I felt like I was healing well also. However, approximately 3 weeks ago, I started having extreme ankle pain on the medial side of my ankle. It was most painful when I awoke in the morning and I even had difficulty taking the first few steps out of bed. It seemed to partially subside during the day, but toward the afternoon & evening the ankle would become extremely sore again. The PF surgery I had was endoscopic and the Dr released the tendon. What could be causing the ankle pain?

Re: ankle pain after PF surgery

Dr. Z on 3/02/04 at 12:58 (145808)

This could be tendonitis and or strain of the deltoid ligament which helps to support the medial aspect of the ankle. May need an aircast and or some type of ankle support. Make sure you tell your doctor what is going on with your ankle. Very common to have compensatory pain after any type of pf release foot surgery