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Back of the Heel Pain near achilles

Posted by Joe M on 3/02/04 at 12:59 (145809)

5 Years ago I began pain in the back of both heels near the achilles. The pain was toward the heel to the outside of the heel. I originally thought that it was my constant driving and resting my feet on those exact same locations. I changed this and a few months later my right foot pain dissapeared. My left foot pain practically dissapeared. For the last 2.5 years there has been pain whenever I play any basketball or volleyball or even hiking.

I've gained much 35 lbs by lifting weights 4 yrs ago and a few in the last yr or so. I play a lot of basketball and volleyball. I've tried insoles which helps some of the pain. I find it hurts a lot when i walk on hard surfaces.

I have tried to rest it by not playing for 2 periods of 6 months. But the next time i start warming up it starts hurting like it did 6 months before. I find that it hurts more when i jump and land. (I take off with the left and land left).

What do I have?