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Will I Ever Find Relief?

Posted by Carlos N. on 3/02/04 at 19:50 (145850)

I have been suffering from PF for over ten years now. Unfortunately I just learned of my malady a few months ago. Thanks to this great site I was able to self-diagnose my condition and seek the help of a good podiatrist. But recovery has been slow. Probably because my condition went from chronic to severely chronic, where my knee and foot joints were so stiff, burning, and making loud popping noises...just like arthritis.

Seven years ago I had my podiatrist (he never mentioned the condition Plantar Fasciitis) make me some custom made orthotics. However, I think it made my problem worse as I got minimal relief at times and sharp pains in my heels after long periods of standing. Last year I threw out the custom orthotics and made another big investment in the Good Feet arch supports. I know many folks have posted negative reviews about this store and their products. I will agree that they charge an outrageous price for arch supports but they brought me a lot of relief in a short time, and I am very grateful for that.

Six months later my PF returned again and with a vengeance. This time I succumbed to pain and went to a different podiatrist. She didn't try and cure me but offered lots of tips in finding my own cure. Since then I have been stretching consistently to stay limber, icing, relaxing whenever possible, changed my diet to include more anti-inflammatory foods and vitamins, yoga, and best of all acupuncture. And I just purchased a pair of the Brooks Addiction Walker to reduce the pronation in my feet. I'm still wearing my Good Feet arch supports along with some heel lifts and my feet feel better. The Thorlo socks add a nice touch to my feet, too.

So after all this time and lots of money, do I have hope for a full recovery? I just want to get my life back on track and enjoy living again. Can anyone give me hope, advice, or recommendations? Thanks!

Re: Will I Ever Find Relief?

Dorothy on 3/02/04 at 22:33 (145867)

It sounds like you're doing lots of the 'good' things, but you might want to consider also reading the Heel Pain 'book' here (click on that name at bottom of page) if you have not already done so. Also, you might want to try taping (do a search under ' taping') at message search area at beginning here. If you click on the yoga word in blue (also often referred to here as 'Julie's yoga'), you will see some yoga stretches that many here have benefitted from. A number of us here like The Foot Trainers (www.foottrainers.com) and benefit from using them. There are many other treatments, products, etc. that have helped. Some people have tried ESWT (you can read all about that in many places here - do a search or look under that category). We have also been discussing the treatments given by Michael Young and therapists he has trained (search here under his name). Weight reduction if needed can be an important factor. As far as insoles/orthotics/supportive inserts, you are correct that there is not a high opinion of the Good Feet products among people here, but we also recognize that 'whatever works for you' is what matters. If you want to try others that people have had good experiences with, in addition to custom made ones (search under 'Richard,CPed', Dr. Kiper, SDO, etc.), you can try PowerFeet, SuperFeet, and others (search here for info.) Good luck.

Re: Will I Ever Find Relief?

Dorothy on 3/02/04 at 22:36 (145868)

Whoops! I forgot 'hope': Search for Carole C.'s recent posts for great, happy hope there. Marie's posts, Julie's posts, John H.'s posts, Rachel's, Steve G., and so many others - many, many hopeful experiences. Even when people have setbacks and even long-term problems, there can still be improvement and periods of varying length of relief.

Re: Will I Ever Find Relief?

Physics Ron on 3/03/04 at 00:10 (145885)

I second the relief given by Dr Kipers SDO's. They're what cured my PF. Check his websaite http://www.drkiper.com for exercises & yoga. He also has a foot creame for those days when the PF flares up...you can call & talk to him (no $$) he is quite approachable. I also like my new compression socks...so much easier than taping eery day. Hope this helps.

Re: Will I Ever Find Relief? Yes, if you go to the forum: http://f**tchat.jrmhost.com/ but you will need to replace the "*" with the letter "o"

Phil C. on 3/03/04 at 23:50 (145964)

Some good advice.
Phil C.

Re: Will I Ever Find Relief?

R C on 3/04/04 at 07:51 (145991)

There are other things you can try. Let me suggest taping your foot, as an alternative or adjunct to orthotics. Many posters here swear by taping, and I'm one of them. I had good results with cast + crutches, followed by physical therapy. I also recommend swimming, and not just for the overall health benefit -- I feel that the vigorous exercise contributes to the healing.

Re: Will I Ever Find Relief?

Dr Kiper on 3/04/04 at 14:51 (146018)

Your painful problem may be around 10 years, but the underlying cause (repetive overpronation with every step you've ever taken), has always been there and always building, just like miles on a car.

Things like physical therapyinjections, splints or rest ets, even if it helps ONLY addresses to the symptoms. Only a proper fitting support which minimizes the repetitive motion of the arch is going to be a long term solution to this painful problem, because you have to address the underlying condition of your pronation (spreading of the arch) and poor alignment characteristics.

You are not alone being unsuccessful with custom orthotics, while they were cast to your foot, that does not mean they match the way your foot walks, and that is one of the criteria in order for an orthotic to work.

Any orthotic must first meet four criteria in order to fit and work precisely:
1-It 'must fill the arch so that you feel the support, it should feel full or snug.
2-It 'must be comfortable (not in the sense of relieving your symptoms) or if the neuro-muscular senses are too damaged
from years of injury, at least feel that it is 'tolerable' so that it doesn't create new problems.
3-You 'must feel stable on your feet when you are on the ground so that you DO NOT FEEL tipped over on the outside edge of your foot or wobbly (side to side) on your footstep.
4-It 'must fit the way your muscles and feet are working and not necessarily the shape of just the foot.

Lastly, even with all this, it may take several years to get 100% total relief, why? Because every step you take antaginizes the healing and considering the condition of your painful muscles it may just take time.

The key to success is a proper stretching program [for life, not just until you get better] and proper fitting orthotics.

Re: Will I Ever Find Relief?

john h on 3/04/04 at 15:38 (146024)

Dr. Kiper: One of the better responses I have ever seen concerning orthotics.

Re: Will I Ever Find Relief?

Marsha H on 3/05/04 at 09:10 (146082)

This is a wonderfully apt description and goes a long way toward answering the questions I have had posed to me by well meaning non-suffering friends.....esp. the 'why don't you just walk it out?' question.

Re: Will I Ever Find Relief?

Julie on 3/05/04 at 09:21 (146084)

I think so too. Thanks, Dr Kiper.

Re: Will I Ever Find Relief?

elliott on 3/05/04 at 11:16 (146098)

John h, I agree. I wonder what the odds are that a pair of orthotics will satisfy at least 2 out of those 4 criteria. :-) :-) (Sorry, couldn't resist.)