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z-coil shoes

Posted by dr ben pearl on 3/03/04 at 15:18 (145933)

Has anyone tried the z-coil shoes for patients with heel pain?

Re: z-coil shoes

Dr. Z on 3/03/04 at 16:10 (145936)

I had a patient today who was tall, big woman, not overweight. Anyway she tried them and the heel pain went away but she had to stop due to knee pain. So you have to becareful that you don't develop compensatory pain. I have used a slipper cast and a wedge darby shoe wedge at the heel . Very good pain relief. Might want to consider after ESWT

Re: z-coil shoes

Ed Davis, DPM on 3/05/04 at 00:22 (146057)

Wearing the z-coil is like wearing a high heel shoe. It throws a lot of weight forward, off the heel and supinates the STJ. It can help but one should alternate days on and off in order to avoid development of equinus (short achilles tendon).