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Posted by Rudy M on 3/03/04 at 21:14 (145954)

What is the downside to having a fusion to the big toe joint? That seems to be my only option.

Re: Fusion

Julie on 3/04/04 at 01:32 (145972)

Loss of motion. It's a trade-off. If the fusion has been advised because you are in pain that affects your functioning, it may be a price worth paying.

Re: Fusion

Dr. Z on 3/04/04 at 10:36 (146003)

The non-weight bearing for at least eight weeks. There will be some shoe limitations.
I like the procedure however the long recovery with non-weight bearing is what has made the implant procedure a reasonable alternative. I hope that this help you with your decision.

Re: Fusion

Rudy M on 3/05/04 at 09:06 (146077)

Thank you for responding, but I'm not sure if I got my question answered. It's about my Big toe joint (like where a bunion would be ) knuckle. I had bone spurs and arthritous and someone went in to clean it up and now I need my joint fused. Some Doctor's say it could be fused tiped up, and the Doctor who is going to fuse it says straight is the way to go. Now I guess I have two questions. 1. What is the best position to fuse it (pros and cons) 2. pros and cons to the actual fusing.