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Good morning

Posted by Julie on 3/04/04 at 03:27 (145981)

I'll try again, differently, and see if this one goes through (maybe the block was just a temporary glitch). This post is really to sr, but it won't go through if I include the magic name.

Mr Roberts: the boards are littered this morning with posts by 'pc', most of them recruiting for another website, plus a couple of abusive ones to Dorothy and to me. Presumably you care about this, and will deal with it? I am too busy to collect all the urls: just read the boards.

Re: Good morning

Julie on 3/04/04 at 03:30 (145982)

There. That worked.

Is anyone else wondering why the others were blocked?

Re: Heelspurs

Julie on 3/04/04 at 03:44 (145983)

I ask the moderator(s) not to moderate this morning. It is the webmaster's job to take care of his website, and if he does not, and if he obstructs the efforts of others to do so, we are entitled to wonder why.

So let the overnight detritus remain. Let everyone make up their own minds about the sewer this website - which is supposed to be a helping, healing place - has been allowed to become.

Re: Good morning

Scott R on 3/04/04 at 11:06 (146004)

Julie, I have a job and a life outside of heelspurs and do not have time to read everything. I've offered that you be a moderator, but you refused. If you do not wish to be a moderator then you do not have the right to complain about posts not being deleted. I do not get paid for moderating so I have less motivation than you for the work i do here for you and others. I do not know why or if anything is blocked. I cannot delete the titles of a message which our heckler has noticed and takes advantage of. I know you are unhappy with the violent people who get past my blocks, but throwing stones at the house you supposedly care about does not help fix the house.

test: scottr

Re: Good morning

JudyS on 3/04/04 at 11:50 (146006)

Scottr, with all due respect I think you may have missed Julie's point. The board is your baby - you created it in order to dispense information and support for heelspur sufferers because of your own experience with PF.
The board provides you with at least a little bit of income - there was a time when you hoped you could devote yourself to it fulltime. And you are ultimately responsible for keeping it clean if you want it to remain the strong site it has become in spite of your inability to spend a lot of time with it.
Moderators are obviously a good idea but moderators also have real jobs and this board is not their 'baby'. Not everyone can, or wants to, be a moderator. But everyone has a right to complain about nasty posts because you gave them the right by producing this vechicle. And everyone with foot pain has a right to expect a vehicle that fullfills it's original promise - inform and support.
If it's true that you have less motivation than the rest of us do for maintaining your website (i.e., keeping it clean of nastiness), then why did you create the boards? I hope you'll look back over the years of truly supportive, knowledgeable and sophisticated information these boards have produced and respect those who've been willing to supply that information even after their own healing was complete. No one gets paid to moderate, as you mentioned about yourself, but you get 'paid' by advertisers to keep a positive environment for posters to come and, at some point, see their products. No poster, especially a new one, who sees the vitriol expressed this week is going to bother spending money at this website.

Scott, we all know that you don't have the time to peruse these boards regularly. I don't really have a problem with that but I do have a problem with you're seeming lack of respect for those who DO spend time here helping eachother and helping new sufferers. We're like you - we suffered mightily with PF and know it's agonies and frustrations and we're willing to give our own time to your website to support and give hope to new sufferers. Please don't dis that. We know that keeping your website free of hate, anger, negativity and personal attacks is the only way to keep it as you intended it to be - a place for information and support.

There has been talk here this week of some sort of conspiracy in which you are taking part. I cannot imagine what would motivate you to do something like that and, frankly, I don't believe it's true. However, you do perhaps know why some seem to want to destroy this vehicle or at least mess with you. I sure hope you're addressing that somehow because if all you're really doing is jerking our chains then, at least for me, I couldn't possibly maintain the respect for you and your website that I've come to know. Would you care to reassure us about this?

Re: Good morning

scottr on 3/04/04 at 12:16 (146008)

Judy, I think i gave more respect to julie in my response than her posts have given me. As far as a conspiracy that i might be involved in, i haven't noticed any posts that mention that except for Julie making accusations based on who-knows-what. I do not post here except to deal with irate people and i have no concern here except to try to keep the bad people out.

Re: Good morning

JudyS on 3/04/04 at 12:24 (146009)

Scott, points taken, thank you.
(P.S. other conspiracy-theory posts were on the ESWT site)

Re: Good morning

Carole C in NOLA on 3/04/04 at 12:47 (146011)

You mean the posts by Dorothy, such as #145735 in this thread?


I think that Dorothy is an intelligent, imaginative woman and it is possible that her imagination got away from her just a little bit this time. That's not meant as a criticism; I also think I'm another imaginative, intelligent woman and I can see how that could happen to me too, from time to time.

Any comment, Scott?

Carole C

Re: ScottR

Julie on 3/04/04 at 16:27 (146031)

Scott, I am sorry if my posts evidenced a lack of respect for you. I have said more than once that I'm grateful to you for establishing heelspurs, and that continues to be true; though I am deeply unhappy to find the boards sinking again after all the hard work that has been done over the last few months to restore it to stability.

I was angry this morning, livid, actually, when I tried to call to your attention the rubbish that had appeared overnight and found that my posts to you were blocked. Therein lies the explanation for my series of irritable 'tests' culminating in my post to you. Was I wrong to assume that you had blocked posts addressed to 'ScottR' when all other posts were going through? (If I was wrong, then who dunnit? If I was right, then why did you do it?) It had begun to seem to me that something odd was going on. My suspicions - and I have never entertained suspicions before (apart from the ones you are aware of) were aroused by Pauline's and Dorothy's posts the other day. What they said, particularly what Pauline said, was what I was wondering about. I am not a conspiracy-theory person, or a cloak-and-dagger person. But I was wondering. And I was angry.

I hope I am wrong and that everything here is above board. But apart from that, I was angry (it really does strike me as strange) that you don't take better care of your website when - as Judy has said - it makes some income for you. And I will also remind you that you said some time ago that you did not really care if long-time posters left. I was angry about that, too - after it stopped hurting.

But never mind all that. You feel that I have been disrespectful, and I must accept that, so I apologise for my anger-fuelled remarks.

Re: Good morning

Julie on 3/04/04 at 16:54 (146037)

Scott, I see that Carole has given the url to Dorothy's post, the one that appeared on the 'Ossatron vs Dornier' thread the other day. The url to Pauline's post on that same thread is bbv.cgi?n=145754

I refused your offer to be a moderator last summer because I did not want to police the boards. I don't accept that that decision removes my right to speak up when I am unhappy about something in this community of equals.

I didn't make an accusation. I said that I was wondering.

Re: Good morning

elliott on 3/05/04 at 07:26 (146065)

ScottR :

What difference does it make whether you can delete titles of messages or not? In the old days, you simply blocked the poster from ever posting again from that computer. Somehow, I kind of doubt that poster is going to run to a library every time he or she wants to post.


Re: ScottR

Julie on 3/05/04 at 08:47 (146074)


Your post yesterday left me mystified. Specifically, I don't understand this statement:

'I do not know why or if anything is blocked.'

What I know, is that I tried six times yesterday morning to post a message addressed to you as ScottR, to call your attention to the 'Phil C' posts. Each time, the posts were blocked. At least I assume that 'blocking' is the correct term for what happened to them, and that you had for some reason blocked them, because I got six Internal Server Error messages.

I asked you yesterday:

'Was I wrong to assume that you had blocked posts addressed to 'ScottR' when all other posts were going through? (If I was wrong, then who dunnit? If I was right, then why did you do it?)'

You haven't answered my question, so I've concluded - perhaps wrongly - that you blocked the posts because you did not want your attention called - publicly - to the 'Phil C' nasties.

If I am wrong, if there was some other reason, please explain clearly. Perhaps you didn't want the board deluged with complaints about the overnight defecation? If that was so, why didn't you simply say so? To say 'I do not know why or if anything is blocked' is obfuscating.


I would like to correct the impression (given to posters who may not have been following this episode closely) by your remark that I was 'throwing stones at the house I care about' that I was being willfully destructive.

I do care very much about the house, which in the nearly four years I have contributed here has been - mostly - a helping, healing, supporting place. I cherished that, and I hope that it will be so again. My 'stone', if we must use so aggressive a term, was aimed not at the house, but at the caretaker who has sadly allowed the house to fall into disrepair. I guess I hoped it would wake him up.

Re: Heelspurs

Ed Davis,DPM on 3/05/04 at 08:55 (146075)

EVERYONE here including you, I, Scott, the moderator, the posters need take some responsibility for setting the TONE of the site. The TONE need be one of compassion as that is what healthcare is about. It is not my intention to be a 'regular' here but possibly just frequent the ESWT board. When a poster, moderator, ScottR change the tone to a negative one, it attracts negative people and problems escalate. Everyone here needs to share in the responsibility of keeping the tone positive and moving conversation in a productive direction. If everyone can simply agree to that I beleive that the problems will go away and the 'detritus' will simply go elsewhere. There are those who feed off conflict so if they are given the food here, they will come to eat. If they are not fed here, they will go away.

Scott, a carrot and stick always works better than a whip. You cannot just continually say 'be nice' but need to lead by example. Please think about it.
Best regards,

Re: Heelspurs

Julie on 3/05/04 at 09:08 (146081)


I couldn't agree more. Compassion is indeed what healthcare is about.

I would add clarity and transparency on the part of all who care.

Re: Heelspurs

Ed Davis,DPM on 3/05/04 at 09:22 (146085)

Thank you and please contact Kathy per her post above. I think if everyone can simply agree to move forward from here without any negative posts, any finger pointing and let go of who said what in the past, then the 'problems' of the site are basically solved. Yes, you will get an occasional disagreeable poster but if that poster is not answered or is dealt with in a positive, constructive way then the situation is defused.
Again I accept responsibility for not following this path many at time in the past as I beleive others need to but realize that following the path of constructive advice, positive and non-judgemental feedback is really the only way to move the site forward.

It will take a concerted effort to 1)not answer negative posts, 2) only provide constructive criticism, 3)not be negative in tone. If a string turns negative, the goal should be to end it or better yet, turn it around. If everyone can agree to work in unison as a team to achieve this effort then there will be no place for things to go astray. We all have bad days and times of weakness so it will be up to other members of the team to remind us of this effort and make it a permanent feature here.
Ed :)

Re: PS

Ed Davis,DPM on 3/05/04 at 09:25 (146086)

It sounds like you agree so I would really like to get everyone together on this. As I mentioned, I probably will limit my time here but when here I would like it to be a good experience.

Re: ScottR

scottr on 3/05/04 at 11:35 (146100)

Julie, i do not know why you got error messages.

Re: Good morning

scottr on 3/05/04 at 11:37 (146101)

The hideous poster with whom we are all familiar with has found a way around the blocks. That's why new security is needed.

Re: Good morning

Ed Davis,DPM on 3/05/04 at 11:59 (146103)

Increasing security is always a good idea but consider my proposal above.
I only give my credit card out over to 'secure' sites but just got done arguing with Visa per unauthorized charges totalling over $600 from some hacker in Australia. In other words, someone who is determined and has a lot of free time will find a way in. The bottom line is that if we can just get a general agreement going here not to supply material (ie negative posts -- and remember that I am holding myself responsible for some) then you will just not have an attractive place for such individuals to come to. Every now and then a negative person will come forth but if he/she gets nothing but being ignored or, if possible, a positive response, by mutual agreement of as many as possible, then the person is likely to stop. A person looking to start an argument is looking for existing conflict to step into as it is already a smoldering fire that just needs some gasoline added. We just need a core of 'regulars' willing to adopt this philosophy and as owner of the site, those people need to look to you to lead by example.

Re: Good morning

Pauline on 3/05/04 at 13:28 (146108)

Dr. Ed
You win the prize today for the most posts by one individual in the shortest length of time:* I thought it was an interesting observation that's all. 00:22, 00:42, 8:26, 8:34, 8:41, 8:55, 9:01, 9:22, 9:25, 9:47, 9:49, & 11:59. You're truly today's rapid responder. Good for you.

Re: PS

Julie on 3/05/04 at 14:35 (146111)

No, Ed.

You have either to recognise, or chosen to ignore, the true meaning of my post.

Compassion and clarity and transparency are indeed qualities of the true carer. But they are qualities which my experience and observation over almost three years have shown you to be lacking in.

You did a great deal of damage to these boards last year, and others besides myself will not have forgotten that.

Now you appear here on this Social board ostensibly as peacemaker. What or whom has prompted or inspire you to adopt this role I do not know. But I don't buy it.

If you have changed, as you imply, and truly take responsibility for your actions in the past, I am glad to hear it. But I would a good deal of evidence, over time, before believing it.

Re: Good morning

Ed Davis,DPM on 3/05/04 at 15:50 (146119)

I woke up early and got a new computer.

Re: Good morning

Pauline on 3/05/04 at 15:55 (146120)

You might need a governor installed on that baby.

Re: PS

Ed Davis,DPM on 3/05/04 at 16:05 (146122)

I have not changed. I am willing to not discuss those issues that are forbidden, not willing to discuss those issues that are controversial and stick with what this site is here for -- helping people with foot problems. Conflict will rage on here with or without me until enough of you have decided that it is simply in no one's best interest. Place yourself in the position of a newbie and think about what you see. Depending on where you go here it is not pleasant. People have choices and I think that all need to chose to make it a pleasant place. I cannot change who I am nor do I seek that you change who you are. I do think that mature adults can engage in discourse that is mutually productive despite seeming political barriers, etc., especially when there is a common subject of interest. Why not stick to that subject?

Re: PS

marie on 3/05/04 at 16:54 (146127)

Dr. Ed I have to disagree with you.

You have changed...maybe not your beliefs but your posting style has. When I first met you I thought: 'YIKES' what is up with this guy? Julie and nancie left me alone with you guys and I had no intention of backing down. I don't cut and run. I feel you have come a long,long way. I can see that in your most recent posts. It's time to let the grudges go..........

Grudges are an evil thing...grudges fuel war. Please just think about it.
Look at history.

best wishes marie

Re: PS

Ed Davis,DPM on 3/05/04 at 17:57 (146137)

We are all individuals with varied interests. We have found some areas of disagreement, allowed them to turn into arguments and failed to focus on what intially brought everyone here. I am willing to let my grudges go, largely because they revolve around issues that are not pertinent to this site. What I am asking for is a change of focus, back to the subject of this site. Considering our broad ranges of interests there are probably more things that we agree on and have in common than we know. The international events of the last few years led to polarization based on issues that have little to do with the subject of this site nor other aspects of our lives we share. It is simply time to move on and let go.

Re: PS

marie on 3/05/04 at 18:32 (146147)

Cool beans, Dr. Ed!

Re: Heelspurs

JudyS on 3/05/04 at 19:07 (146153)

Ed, Julie has stated that she needs proof over time of your 'change'.

I'd like to quote a line in your post here;
'If a string turns negative, the goal should be to end it .....'

Yet, when a moderator indicated no further posts be made on what had become a mean-spirited thread on the ESWT board the other day, you took umbrage to it. The moderator followed through on the indication by deleting posts that followed - including one by Dr. Z. If I recall correctly, you asked Scott to 'check out' that particular deletion and indicated that you felt that I'd made an arbitrary deletion. (But how would you know the identity of that moderator? I am not the only one. Hmmmmm....)
That moderator attempted to 'end' a thread (see your words above) that had turned negative - but you didn't like that - perhaps because you assumed that moderator to be me?
My point being that your recent actions defy your words here. Again. I'm with the other ladies, I'll believe it when I see it because I think your stripes haven't changed in the last year or so in which you've consistently, unyieldingly and very dogmatically attempted to be this website's controlling mentor.
Your written attempt here to be a peacemaker only rings false and as only another attempt to control. Peace is OK with you as long as you're the one directing it.

Re: Heelspurs

marie on 3/05/04 at 19:13 (146154)

Judy....I think we're all sort of control freaks here. Don't take it personally. Maybe you have hit on the real underlying problem.

Cheers....It's very rare for me to do this but I'm headed for a second glass of wine. I must be spending to much time on the boards tonight because I just got invaded by my family....ahhhhhhh help I'm being kidnapped by my own f-amillllly.

Great...they're forcing me to watch 'Spinal Tap'...ugggh.

Re: Good morning

Ed Davis,DPM on 3/05/04 at 19:18 (146156)

RRRRRight -- Pentium 4 running at 3.06 Gigahertz. Just got it yesterday from Dell. I need to stop playing with it and get some work done.... :) :) :) Lets face it most of us guys are just big kids who like to play with toys.

Re: Heelspurs

JudyS on 3/05/04 at 19:23 (146157)

No dear Marie - we're not all control freaks here. But, as Suzanne indicates, there are always times when people should take a stand - when being just sweet-tempered doesn't work.

Oh my gosh - kidnapped by your own crew - a fate worse than death, I'm sure! :)

Re: Heelspurs

marie on 3/05/04 at 19:35 (146160)

OK....I'm free but I know they'll be back. I totally agree with Suzanne....you have known me long enough to know that I don't cut and run. I love the fact that you guys are standing up. I know you probably think I'm a forever deluded 'nicey head' but I'm not. Politics is gone. You guys wanted that and it happened. Now it's time to have some fun. I feel sort of bad because it was my post and my misunderstanding of Dr. Ed's and Dorothy's post the sort of got this going....Oh gees I hear them coming up the stairs after me....Perhaps we as a group should create some guidelines. Scott's not interested so we can figure one out on our own.....work together instead of against each other. Or do you want to be in charge of that. Start somewhere one foot in front of another. ahhhhh ugghhhh they brought the cd up here...Nothing worse than being tortured by 'Spinal Tap'.

They're all yelling at each other....I hate that and they're ugly to boot.

Re: Heelspurs

JudyS on 3/05/04 at 19:44 (146164)

Give Peace a chance? Of course. The only time we get embroiled in an argument, Ed, is when one of us stands up and dares to point out the holes, flaws, etc. in your duplicitous statements. I believe someone referred to us as 'attack dogs'.
For example your indication that you started Marie's website.
For example, you did Scott and the board a 'massive' favor by creating another website. Fooey. Scott said you couldn't discuss politics here anymore so you went and got yourself another site. You didn't do this board a 'massive' favor out of the kindness of your heart. You did it because you didn't like Scott's decision.
The point being that, when people here point out those holes to you, arguments erupt. Boy, we have a nerve, don't we?
Nope, I don't buy it either. As long as any of us dares to expose your duplicitous statements, there will be no peace.

Re: ScottR

marie on 3/05/04 at 19:51 (146166)

Sometimes there isn't an answer to why these glitches occur. I had some problems last summer too and immediately thought it was some deliberate thing on Scott's part. Dumb, dumb, me. I learned a long time ago that I shouldn't be suspicious of every little thing and make up unfounded stories in my mind...it just makes things worse. Scott has a nice board here. He has I feel done his best to keep things going. It's really up to us to make the decision to get along. At least I think that's what he's trying to say with his 'Be nice' rule.

later...ughhh....I'm being tortured with 'Spinal Tap'...worst movie ever....but the guys love it....oh cool it's almost over. Phew.

Re: Heelspurs

marie on 3/05/04 at 20:14 (146170)

Who called you an attack dog? That wasn't nice. Judy this is an open board...let me interject here. Use your imagination a little.

Suppose Dr. Ed decides to continue to post here....lets say forever. Why he does i don't know it eludes me. But lets say he does. Eventually the bickering about it will consume the board as it already has. Is that what you and the others want? This. This is not good..it's bad very bad. Say what you need to say to Dr. Ed....go for it...get a few others to join in. Let him have it....really tell him off. Say whatever you want to him. yeahh get him. Every day go for it..pick him apart. Pick apart every word and chew him out royally. Stomp around in front of your computer....curse up a storm at Dr. Ed each and every day for the rest of your life.

Ahhhhh feel better now? Tommorow you can do it all over again. Hurray!

Let it rest. Move on. You're one of the bightest people I know...don't let this consume this beautiful place. Please.

Sorry Dr. Ed...hmmmm....maybe I could make some money selling Dr. Ed punching bags. Send me a new photo and I'll get on that.

.....ok this is a sign...one of those asian lady bugs is crawling across my screen...remember Dorothy? I believe in signs.

Re: Heelspurs

JudyS on 3/05/04 at 20:42 (146174)

Ed, I went and looked at all the 'moderator' posts of the last few days and saw none that indicated negativity. Do I recall correctly that moderators are for eliminating negativity? I looked even further back and saw so few moderator posts it was actually amazing - and none of those was negative either - they were succinct and sophisticated. Could you clarify? Or, are you again just assuming it was me so decided those posts were all somehow negative?
Or is it all because a moderator admonished you to 'be nice' when you took a shot at Pauline's personality?
The 'tone' of a thread is evidently OK with you until someone, even a moderator, dares to question something you've said.
Many of us tried to set a positive 'tone' to these pages a long time ago - and more than once. But you just wouldn't buy it. So it's OK now that it's your idea? Nearly every one of your 'peace' posts has a hole in it.
And oh, by the way, as a moderator, I have never once deleted your posts. And I won't. My feelings about you are far too obvious in this third eruption in barely a year - all three in which you've been the common denominator.
Peace will once again reign here when you, once again, go away. We've had a delightful few months without you.

Re: Heelspurs

Ed Davis,DPM on 3/05/04 at 20:55 (146175)

I have not changed. Well, maybe you could say I have had a change of opinion. No, I am not interested in directing the peace -- you are welcome to do it. Actually, it is something EVERYONE must do there part in as I am not sure there can be one 'director.'

Sorry about yesterday as I was going against my own advice. It is just that things need to move forward in a productive direction, one that will benefit everyone and the site and I am willing to do my part.

Being a moderator is not easy. Dr. Z is a fair guy, made what I believe was an honest mistake in deleting more that he intended and has not heard the end of it.

Yes, I still have the same ideas about certain things, things that I will not discuss here because doing so is unproductive. Those ideas only represent a small portion of what I do and who I am and are not relevant to the subject matter of this site. I have ideas about other things that many of us probably agree on so I don't think that old arguments about the things we don't agree about should be the obstacle to moving forward toward trying to make the site a friendlier, more hospitable place.

Do I have an ulterior motive? Well, partially. I have to admit that I have referred a lot of my patients to the site to read Scott's Heel Pain Book. I think some just read the book, some left, some read the boards, a few post now and then and maybe one or two come here to vent now and then (I am getting into patient confidentiality issues and cannot go further on that aspect).

My patient philosophy is very consistent with that of ScottR -- I like my patients to know as much as possible so this site has been valuable in that sense. It needs to be a hospitable, friendly place. Things have gotten too far off track too often. Everyone is still on edge months after I assumed they would be and it seems that some form of 'closure' is needed.

Beyond that, I really do like a number of people on the site. Some like me and some don't. Dorothy has very interesting views on a number of things and hoped to maintain a dialogue but I am not going to get her interested in talking to me. Julie has been a valuable resource to patients-- we would probably be good friends if we had simply met on the street one day and and our discussion did not stray into politics. I am not one to hold grudges and believe that it is in no one's interest not to work together to make this site a friendly place where there is a reasonable level of rapport. I don't plan on spending a lot of time here largely because I have a lot to do and a family. I don't spend a lot of time on any one place though online. What should be quick friendly visits to check up on things have ended up with me spending way too much time, partially because I wind up getting into debates which I expected to have been friendly but did not. I will take the blame for getting some going and not knowing when to quit. Beyond that, even as an outsider looking in and standing away from the scene I realize that the prime directive here needs to be a change in tone to a much kinder, friendlier place. It is not practical to keep reminding ourselves of who said what and when because things need to move forward. So again I just have to ask what it will take to accomplish that and ask everyone to move forward in unison to meet that goal because I cannot believe that anyone here would not see that as a worthy goal. I think that once an overall positive tone and direction is established, it will take the full cooperation of everyone to maintain. Anyone who would like to claim leadership as 'chief peacemaker' can step forward, I am just putting forward the idea and am willing to go with whoever will lead on this. I just see this as something that needs to be done.

Re: Heelspurs

Ed Davis,DPM on 3/05/04 at 21:22 (146179)

Everyone can point to statements that were made in the heat of argument but why? What is the point? Everything is archived here and if we really want to go back we could give Vince McMahon some material for his WWE scripts. Okay, anyone who wants to take a shot do so and get it out of your system. Then lets move on to better things.

Re: Heelspurs

Ed Davis,DPM on 3/05/04 at 21:32 (146180)

Funny, things did not look all that delightful all the time. I don't think that the moderator can do it all and perhaps that is where I was wrong in the admonishment. Strings have come and gone here with and without my involvement. The site is turbulent and does not need to be if enough posters are willing to establish a better tone and that means setting a precedent at some point in time to make it a better place.

Re: An old story

marie on 3/05/04 at 22:54 (146186)

Dr Ed, I hope you realize that I was just trying to demonstrate just how dumb all this is. Beating people up 24/7 is an exhausting business. No purpose and nothing good comes from it. This comment is for both sides. Stop and think about it all of you.....

Dr. Ed your correct there have been many outbursts here...none of which you were involved over the last few months. I know because I was still hanging around. I asked people to take a good look at themselves then and well...obviously they didn't. If some of you are offended by that oh well....I too am going to take a stand right now. This board deserves better than this.

Julie asked me once why I like Dr. ED? I told her a story about Christ. I explained to her that Jesus came to the aid of a woman who was about to be stoned to death because of her adultress ways. He said to the crowd 'Who among you is without sin? Let him cast the first stone'. He saved her. He didn't put an alternative in front of her. He didn't say I'll save you if you do as I do. He just saved her. She made a choice to follow him. Her name was Mary..not his mom ok. Julie responded to me asking if I thought I was Christ or something and Ed was Mary....It was too funny. She didn't get it. I'm not Christ I'm one of the people in the crowd with a stone in my hand. He forgave her and he didn't even ask for anything in return. That story has always blown me away. I don't suspect some of you will get the picture here as it's obvious ya haven't gotten it in the past but I had to try one last time. And don't take that as a judgement just my feeling. instead of looking for flaws i chose to find the good things about Dr. Ed....and once you get to know him he has many.

We all have our fair share of personality flaws....just as mary did. So does she deserve to be ridiculed by those who have just as many flaws? Christ taught a valuable lesson. Whether you believe he is the son of God or the son of man...you have to admit he was a pretty smart.

Although Dr. Ed has his flaws, as we all do, i feel he has shown great restraint here today......maybe not perfect but better than some others. If he goofs up with a dumb comment...just simply say, hey what do you mean by that? That's what i do and we don't have any problems. Dr. Ed really isn't that hard to get along with....if I, a Liberal, can find good qualities in this very conservtive man...i believe you can too if you try. But then that's your choice. Believing is a choice.

nighty night

Re: one itsy bitsy PS

marie on 3/05/04 at 23:16 (146187)

I put my stone down. How about you?

Re: An old story

Ed Davis,DPM on 3/06/04 at 12:31 (146222)

Thank you. Another thin to consider is that we are all multidimensional people. Being of a particular politcal persuasion is only one of many dimensions. People of different politcal persuasions get married, are friends and certainly can get along on a web site.