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Their back..........

Posted by marie on 3/04/04 at 05:56 (145987)

The robins are here!!!!! Next will be the red wing black birds. Hurray, now I feel like spring is finally beginning.

Good Morning and best wishes to all, marie

Re: Their back..........

JudyS on 3/04/04 at 09:30 (145995)

Ah! Same here Marie! Believe it or not, even in Southern California spring shows itself with a gusto that invigorates we mere mortals!

Re: Red wing black birds just arrived!

marie on 3/04/04 at 15:42 (146025)

I had to go to an art teachers conference today and was on the road for about 3 hours. I saw one migrating flock of them and many couples looking for a place to nest. I love the red wing black birds and they are a welcome site to this dreary weather.

best wishes marie

Re: Their back..........

john h on 3/04/04 at 15:44 (146026)

The Robins never left here Marie.

Re: Their back..........

marie on 3/04/04 at 15:49 (146029)

Lucky duck!