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Thank you Dr. Z, you were right.

Posted by Linda on 3/04/04 at 06:40 (145988)

I told you a month ago that i was diagnosed with arthritis in my knee,and that my feet were still killing me even after having tarsal tunnel release,fascia release,and heel spur excisions. I went to the foot doc last Friday because my left foot was really bad,and the doc did an xray,and said that Yes, i do have arthritis in my foot. He had me get an mri Sunday,and the MRI showed that I have a tear in My Achilles Tendon also. He is putting me in an aircast. Is this how tendon tears are treated? Will it heal on it's own?
Also, I am having an mri done on my right foot also to rule out any other damage.
I am just glad I asked him to check for arthritis after you told me to. At least now I know what my foot pain is from.

Re: Thank you Dr. Z, you were right.

Dr. Z on 3/04/04 at 15:12 (146022)

If you have a torn achilles tendon . You need to be off your foot and in a hard cast. Walking on the foot can cause a rupture

Re: Thank you Dr. Z, you were right.

Linda on 3/05/04 at 05:22 (146064)

I was wrong, sorry. I have a torn Posterior Tibial Tendon,but i'm sure I still have to be off it,right?