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I met with my surgeon this morning

Posted by Elaine T on 3/04/04 at 17:13 (146038)

I'm having TTS surgery Monday morning, and had some questions for him. I will NOT be in a cast, but a splint. He doesn't like casting for soft tissue surgery because they don't leave room for swelling, whereas the splint will. I have to keep the foot elevated when I'm sitting, but I will NOT be confined to bed/couch; he wants me up and around, within reason. I'll probably have a walker, because my most recent wrist surgery was only four months ago, and I can't use crutches.

I'll take the first Elavil the night before surgery, and then for seven days after that to prevent RSD. This worked with my last wrist surgery, and I, thankfully, did not get RSD.

I asked him about the level of pain, and he said it's really not that bad, that it's only the nerve irritation that is bad, but the Elavil combined with Darvocet should help control that.

This surgeon is consdered by other doctors to be the best in Los Angeles for TTS surgery, so I'm confident; but at the same time so nervous. He was very honest about telling me that this surgery does not always work as well as the patient wants it to, and that he sincerely hopes he will be able to clear up my problem. I wish he hadn't said that!

He's going to meet with me in pre-op Monday morning, if there's anything vital I should ask him at that time, let me know.

Re: I met with my surgeon this morning

Ariel on 3/04/04 at 17:22 (146040)

how long have you had tts Elaine?

Do you have an obtrucatble mass within the tunnel or cyst evident on mri?

Re: I met with my surgeon this morning

Elaine T on 3/04/04 at 22:24 (146052)

Hi Ariel; I've had TTS for almost five years. I haven't had an MRI but I have textbook symptoms and exam signs; had a nerve conduction four years ago and another last month, and they compared the two. They have no doubt what I've got. The surgeon told me the possibility of finding a cyst, or vericose vein, or one of many other things, but we won't know until Monday.

He said he always starts the incision several inches above the ankle and works down, because that is where obstructions are sometimes found.

Re: I met with my surgeon this morning

Pam S. on 3/05/04 at 12:59 (146104)

I would ask if the surgeon finds no obstruction might the TTS come back several years down the road. Wish I had known to ask these questions.
Also, if there is no obstruction, what can YOU do to prevent TTS from recurring.

Good luck, Elaine. Keep us posted on your recovery. Sounds like you have a good surgeon. What is his name and is he in LA? pam

Re: I met with my surgeon this morning

Elaine T on 3/05/04 at 13:17 (146106)

Hi Pam, thank you, I will certainly ask him those questions.

His name is Irwin Bliss, M.D. and his office is in Century City, which borders Beverly Hills and West Los Angeles. My surgery will be at Century City Hospital. I feel very confident with him.

Re: I met with my surgeon this morning

MichaelD on 3/09/04 at 19:27 (146562)

Elaine, you can view my recent post on this site. I will tell you that I was pretty good about keeping my foot elevated, but I could have and should have done better. The biggest issue I had was with swelling because I didn't keep it elevated as much as I could have. Swelling is very significant in foot surgery just because of its proximity. It takes a real effort to keep your foot above your heart level.