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What do I do next?

Posted by Heidi on 3/05/04 at 11:12 (146097)

Hi! I have been trying to manage this stubborn heel spur for more than a year. Five years ago I had them in both feet. I had the injections and had orthodics made. I was good for a long time. Then they were back. I got the left one under control again with injections, stretches and wearing my orthodics religiously. But not the left one. I had Shock Wave Therapy six months ago and all it did was shock my wallet. I am currenlty over weight and excersise regularly, I am losing but my hel is really hurting often keeping me up at night. I use the creams and stretch. Do I really need to do surgery. Frankly I don't have the time. I have four small children and lots of work. Please advise before I go under the knife. I am become limited by what I can do. Thanks for any info. 'he heel that waiting to be healed', Heidi

Re: What do I do next?

Dr. Z on 3/06/04 at 01:40 (146188)


Do you limp or have pain when you start to walk after sitting for any length of time. Do you limp when you go to the bedroom in the middle of the nite.? Tell us more about your ESWT procedure. What type of procedure, low, high energy, etc. Surgery may be you only choice but first tell me more about your condition

Re: What do I do next?

Heidi R on 3/07/04 at 09:13 (146340)

Thank-you Dr. Z. Yes I do limp at those time. I do get some brief relief after walking in the morning but the sight is always tender to the touch. I had three rounds of Shock wave therapy. Three weeks apart from each other. It initially brought some relief, unfortunately I am worse then I was when I started. I beleive it was high intensity. The machine was sheduled to go to level 5, if that means anything to you. My leg shook while recieving the treatment and it was painful. If surgery is necessary, which one and how long would I likely be off my feet? Presently I am walking everday, could this worsen the condition? Thank-you so much for your help, I do need to make an educated decision. Heidi