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PF for 3 years

Posted by nabila A on 3/05/04 at 13:33 (146109)

I have had Heel pain and foot pain for 3 years now was diagnosed by X-ray 2 years ago and told that I also had a heel spur, was given NSAID the pain subside but kept coming back, I tried to walk through the pain, i now have a lump on my achilles tandon and can feel one forming on the other foot, I am seeing a consultant at the hospital for this. i have also severe pain and crunching in my left knee and have been told by GP that it is Patella femeral syndrome, he also says that it is all connected, is this true? and Have I cause the problem with my achilles and my knee ny not treating the PF early enough,also what is the treatment for the achilles and the knee.
I have had a steroid injection for my foot but do not know if it has worked yet, wwhat does future treatment hold for me, or is the future ?doomed?