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Posted by Dorothy on 3/05/04 at 15:35 (146114)

Thank you both. Suzanne, you are a wonderful person and teacher. Maybe this website will change again, for the better. I have no idea. You are a kind asset here, but this place as it is now,again, operating on some other plane is not for me. Maybe I am part of the cause of the problems. I suspect that I must be because there has been little outcry about the horrid posts made to me, so people must think they are warranted. But I have re-read my posts and other than confronting the really foul stuff I don't see where I might be the cause of the problem(s), but then one doesn't always see what others see. I don't care at this point. Whether I am part of the cause, or THE cause, or no cause at all, I am now done with it. I really needed to say what I have said today before I could leave it behind. And one of the things I wanted to finish is to say thank you to you. I recall once when someone said something hurtful to you on this site, but you stayed and continued to post courteously and decently. I have tried also, but the stuff that has gotten posted to my name has been very bad, with no control by the webmaster and almost no outcry from other posters. The messages are still on the message boards and the posters are still posting. There is something wrong going on this website, the one that marie started that is now promoted on this website, the obscenities and filth on this website, none on that one it is all just extraordinarily bizarre. I think that some names, some computers, some posts (vigorously monitored by the webmaster regularly) should be banned, deleted, blocked forever; but they are not. They stand and have prominence and everybody stays silent except for Dr. ed who is busy promoting himself today as the innocent peacemaker now that all the 'troublemaking posters are gone. Huh? Well, anyway, just wanted to say thanks and so long, Suzanne D. My hat is off to you for your good and kind and HONEST heart. I think you are who you say you are and that alone is very reassuring.
I have learned a lot on this site, some of which I wish I had not learned and will try to un-learn, about people but you are an exception here, and there are some others. (Sorry to do that I hate it when people are not specific but I am tired and tired of talking about this so please know that I am never talking about you when I have something negative to say.)
To Julie ~ one last word I commend you for trying to get the webmaster here to do something about what has been going on. You keep trying to speak in a sane, calm respectful manner to those who, in my opinion, do not deserve it. I hope you prevail and they do not, but I have serious doubts. There was nothing disrespectful in anything you wrote about these recent episodes, not one word, so it is unfortunate that you were so willing to apologize. The apologies are flowing in the wrong direction here.You have remarkable class and dignity and I admire you for your efforts. Well, it appears that Dr. ed in one of his many posts is making assumptions about agreement between you and him. If this is so, then this must truly be Wonderland, and Lewis Carroll is the webmaster. Ok, enough. Good, good luck to you and Suzanne D. here and everywhere.


Suzanne D. on 3/05/04 at 16:10 (146123)

Thank you, Dorothy, for your kind words. They mean a great deal to me, and I appreciate your taking the time to write them. I shall miss our discussions about times long gone in Kentucky.

I, too, am saddened by the mean posts and, particularly, those made with 'aliases', like the ones made in response to your post above. I have always believed that if someone felt right about saying something, they wouldn't have to hide behind a fake name. You didn't deserve that, and I am sorry.

Evidently there are those who are deriving something from all these upsetting posts. What it is I cannot imagine and don't want to understand, but it is a shame. I have first graders with more integrity and responsibility than is being shown by some. I think there is some grand plan being carried out here. The truth will be seen at some point, but a great deal of hurt will probably happen in the meantime.

I wish the very best always for all honest folks who post here as themselves.

Suzanne :)


Pauline on 3/05/04 at 16:37 (146125)

I support your post to Dorothy not because you need it, but because of the 'aliases' that followed her post. They are very typical and we've seen this time and time again to gain crowd support and sympathy.

We all know what is happening. We've seen it before. Now that I think about it we've even read about it. The crowds cried 'Crucify

Just as Dr. Ed has returned after his announced leavings, I hope Dorothy will reconsider and return.


marie on 3/05/04 at 17:05 (146128)

Pauline....stop and think about what you are doing. Dorothy's response is fueled by your words. I remember the porn post by Scott and I loudly protested. Keep in mind that posts are not deleted from the history. Anyone can look up deleted posts if they wish. I love Dorothy she's pretty darn cool. I respect your comments as well but this simply has to stop.

You're creating a fantasy.....maybe you're bored or something...I don't know. I love a good mystery...but there isn't one here. Link to the doctor's web sites if you don't feel they are real people. Call their office. It's just that easy to solve...so do it. If you choose not too then well...I hope everyone's paying close attention because it's a bit odd. I am who I am. The real question is 'Are you who you say you are?'

Give it a rest.

best wishes marie


Pauline on 3/05/04 at 17:59 (146138)

I never meant them to fuel anything. I'm sorry you or anyone took it that way. I want peace just like the rest of you, but just like now if I respond in support of something or someone I become the target.

I feel bad about Dorothy's decision to leave. I don't want her to leave, but it isn't right to have aliases pile up on her without saying anything. That's all I was doing. If you read more into my post than that you are wrong.

Re: peacemaker

Ed Davis,DPM on 3/05/04 at 18:04 (146139)

We all can be peacemakers if that is what we really want. We only learned a tiny aspect about each others based on very emotional and unpleasant events that occurred on the international scene. That is over. I am sure that many are not 'gone' but simply reading and waiting. I may be a strongly opinioned individual but I don't believe in carrying grudges. If we carry on in a positive direction, good people will come forth. If negativity continues, then the less desirable individuals will come forth.
We have a choice to make. I hope it is a good one.


JudyS on 3/05/04 at 18:24 (146143)

Dorothy, you are not the problem.

I took some 'title' shots this week also and I considered the source so didn't dwell on it.

When I saw the overnight garbage that Julie was talking about my first inclination was to delete - and then I found that Scott had seen them before I did and, well, they were still there. I came to understand that 'titles' couldn't be deleted. (I have to agree with Julie, Scott needs to be a little more heads up on both regular perusal here and on the technical stuff.)

When you were the victim of pornography last fall, I attempted to delete, but Scott had changed the delete code so, until I got it back, I kept waiting for him to remove that garbage but he chose not to.

You were never alone - it just became so darn difficult to be heard.

You were never the problem. I hope you'll drop Julie an email now and then - she has my email address.


marie on 3/05/04 at 18:28 (146146)

Pauline I admit I don't know everything that has been going on...but I feel that your posts eluded to some weird plot or some bizarre plan. You know.....the pattern you eluded too. You're asking me not to read anything into your posts but aren't you doing the same? You're making assumptions based on observations. Assumptions aren't facts. Please be careful. I think the world of Dorothy..and you too. That's why I feel the need to say something. I'm just a teacher who has tts. I'm well but not 100%. I care about folks because ....well...that's me. I was raised in an old world Catholic family. Holy water by the entrance of the door and all. I give because that is what I was taught. I create because I can. If I can combine the two then I will.

Best wishes marie


Dr. Z on 3/05/04 at 18:58 (146149)

Marie, Dorothy, Julie, Pauline,Elliott,( not last week)
These are just a few of the names I like to see when I turn on the heelspurs.com site All I can say is this too shall past.
PS: Dr. Z-Zuckerman is the only name I have ever used on this board.


marie on 3/05/04 at 19:07 (146152)

We like seeing your name too.....:)