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Posted by Dorothy on 3/05/04 at 15:38 (146115)

I do wonder, as Pauline suggested, how it is that you have all the time in the world to post here and 'there', to read here and there, to do all that you claim you do, maintain a practice, go to conferences, vacations, keep up with new information, have a family - and yet you still have time to practice your saintliness and maintain such innocence and naivete. It is really quite an impressive performance you have contrived. In spite of all your duties and responsibilities here and there and presumably in your practice, you still have time to advise and guide the webmaster here and to mentor Mark and other posters here about the 'true' account of what has happened at this website, events that you had nothing to do with, of course. Really, truly, everyone is so grateful; so, so grateful. What a generous, wonderful podiatrist you are. You have manipulation and disingenuousness down to a science - yes, you are a scientist, too. Amazing. What a Mr. Ed, er Dr. Ed! 'I and a number of others went to start a new board...' you said - yes, but wasn't that MARIE who started that board on which you are a poster?? Isn't it MARIE'S site?? So, you (oh, yes and maybe marie..) started a new board and you advise scott here about how to run his board; yet you say, so modestly, that you are not computer savvy.

And why, pray tell, Saint Ego, do YOU hang around here all the time when you have another site that 'YOU' started and you have all those other duties?? You and Marie, always here, always there. It's amazing really. You and your nasty minions or alter egos or phony personae will soon have succeeded in accomplishing what you have been angling for for a long time: registration of all posters here. You have wanted registration and urged it and 'advised Scott, as only you can do, for registration. Yet, now you are advising against registration because now you are advising Julie about a team and teamwork and working together. Good Lord! You are a piece of work. I have registered at other places, but I will not register here and my hours are numbered here and I will miss this place - thank you very much, Dr. Ego and your obscene, pinheaded followers – or are they all simply facets of your personality? I do not trust some of the people here enough to do that; we've seen what you, your supporters, and others are capable of. I will not register at this site for one reason and one reason only: there is something creepy about someone who is so very eager to get so many e-mail addresses that are really none of his business, something creepy about someone who claims to be a practicing doctor, yet is always here (or 'there) day and night. You are always at this website 'directing traffic and giving suggestions, sometimes orders, always advising everyone and the webmaster here; it's really quite strange. But, hey, nice work Dr. Ed. Now there will be registration and you and/or the webmaster and whomever else you all are in cahoots with will have the e-mail addresses, but I don't think anyone here with any sense will want that to happen. We have all seen some of the minds at work here - Most of us can either observe or sense who is truly good-hearted and decent and who is not. By the way, when I read your use of the word 'conciliatory', I hear it with a definite hiss - as in 'conssssssiliatory' and it is most unpleasant. Your 'voice' often reminds me of the unctuous Uriah Heep, if you recall him. Heep was so very, very good and pious and always doing this or that for the ‘good' of others, only out of his interest in them.... Yessssss, that'ssss right….

Re: note to dottie, what a sour bitter person you must be

Stepford. W. on 3/05/04 at 15:48 (146116)

i cant believe this hate filled trash. i used to repect your posts but you have lost any respect

Re: p.s. thought you were leaving yesterday?

me too on 3/05/04 at 15:49 (146117)


Re: NOTE TO DR. ed:

Ed Davis,DPM on 3/05/04 at 15:58 (146121)

Dorothy, if I answer you I will give you what you want so I wont.

Re: NOTE TO DR. ed:

Dr. Z on 3/05/04 at 18:42 (146148)


I am proud of you. Hey even Jan R. got it good today. He should feel honored to be in the Big Time USA heel spur league. Seriously I am so glad that my memory forgets what was said about me from one week to another. Ok maybe there are jut a few things I remember. Maybe we should have heelspur highlights. I still think Dr. Z would win. The very first day on this board I was called a criminal for the illegal importng of the Big O. Can you top that one.? Just joking. The powerpoint presentation is going out next week. They have to take it off my laptop. Hey this post just made me realize where the original dis is . I have it in my hand.I just found it This is great. I will mail it to you on MONDAY

Re: NOTE TO DR. ed:

Ed Davis,DPM on 3/05/04 at 19:25 (146158)

Oh, now I get it... this is all a big survival ceremony, sort of like an indoctrination. Take the punishment and come out smiling... Are you sure Jan can take it? ;)

Re: NOTE TO DR. ed:

Dr. Z on 3/05/04 at 19:40 (146163)

I am so sure he can take it or even wants to take it. Real bad start for heelspurs.com He did forgive my mis-spelling of his name