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Posted by Julie on 3/06/04 at 02:20 (146189)

About fifty posts have been made while I've been asleep. Here are comments on a few of them.


It was good to see another post from you, and I truly hope it isn't the last. Thanks again for the good things you say to me: you are a great appreciater of others, and that's a great quality, which I appreciate :).

If you're still reading the board and see this (in my experience the Heelspurs Habit is not an easy one to break) please know that, as Judy has already said, you are not the problem.

Of course you're not. What sparked this latest eruption of what Carole called the Foot Wars (an inspired title, Carole!) was Ed's one-liner to you about 'commenting on the election'. As anyone who was around last year would have known, that in itself was bound to stir things, and it did. There followed the posts by you and Pauline, calling attention to the strange things that appear to be going on at this website. At first I thought both posts were somewhat over the top, but when I thought about them, I found that I shared your misgivings.

I was surprised at myself. I have had conflicts in my nearly four years here (all with Ed, and you'll have seen that I quickly disabused him of the notion that I agree with him). But I had never doubted anyone else's motives. I am not naive, I have a strong intuition, and it's my commitment to myself always to see things as they are; but I would rather trust people than not, and it takes a great deal to raise suspicions in me.

So deep are my misgivings now that I have even considered the possibility that what has happened in the past two days - specifically the profusion of the 'Phil C' posts (which were certain to draw a disgusted reaction, and did) followed by the profusion of Ed's Saint Peacemaker's posts (which were certain to draw fire, and have) - may have been an orchestrated diversionary tactic, to draw attention away from the real issue, whatever it is. I do not know what it is, but I know that I share your unease, and that it has taken me a long, long time to get to this point.

I hope profoundly that we are wrong.

As for my apology to Scott, it's how I was brought up. If someone feels that you've been disrespectful, you apologise for hurting him, particularly if you know the hurt was delivered in anger. The apology didn't alter my view, and I'm sure it wasn't understood in that way. Scott knows how I feel and what I think, and he knows that hasn't changed.



Judy has already said it: you have been at the root of difficulties here for at least a year. Your peacemaker pose is simply extraordinary, unbelievable. I do not know what your motive is this time for returning to heelspurs and for stirring, but I don't believe it is sincere, and I don't trust it. Last September I thought that Scott was wrong to ban politics as a topic for discussion. Politics was never the problem. You were.

After you left in September (not without a long, loud clamour of extremely unpleasant protest and name-calling by yourself and your associates and possibly alter egos) the boards calmed down, and in a while peace was restored. It became again, to everyone's relief and joy, the pleasant place it had been before you hijacked it as a platform for your political agenda.

Now you are back, wearing sheep's clothing. I am astounded at the chutzpah of your claim that you want heelspurs to be a 'pleasant place' when we know (and you know that we know) that you have done so much to make it something else.



How dare you quote from a PRIVATE email exchange?


And I haven't even said anything about trolls and lewd obscenities from posters under aliases. Who are they?

ScottR - please take care of your website.

Re: Heelspurs

marie on 3/06/04 at 08:20 (146197)

Oops...sorry some of last falls discussions all fade together for me. Since we no longer converse by email that shouldn't be a problem.

It's time to take a stand and I have. One side points out that 'this' is because Ed has been posting again. There is another way of looking at the disruptions too....We got along well before some posters decided to return themselves. Those that participated in the hot political topics found a way to get along. When some decided to return...because they missed yaking here.....the mess began again. That mess continued even after Ed and BG left. A request was made that political discussions to stop and they have. Ed has pointed this out to some of you...that it has been a good thing for this board and that he now sees that this is a place for healing and chat. But those comments were not picked apart..only the comments some of you chose because it suited your purpose to condemn him. I was pleasantly surprised to see him posting here a little again. Ed and I haven't had any email discussions about him posting here. I feel that he enjoys yaking here just as much as some of ya'll. He misses visiting and just wants to hang out from time to time. I think he honestly misses yaking about politics with Dorothy and just wished to continue to converse with her at another board.

Dorothy if you don't think Ed is a real doctor call his office Monday morning...he has a website just type in his name on any search engine you'll find it. No excuses now. Make the phone call from a pay phone so it won't be traced back to you. Pauline you should do the same. Please do that and report back to us. If you decide not to...then there is only one conclusion to be made. You like the fabrication you've created and the truth would only make it disappear.

Making up stories based on tidbits here and there is something my mother did all her life. My mother was dx schizophrenia in 1971. It tore my family apart. I also see a pattern emerging here....but not the one that's been fabricated.

It's your call....I put my stone down.

Re: Julie

marie on 3/06/04 at 09:01 (146200)

After reviewing my email conversations...I did find that one. Don't worry I will keep your secrets...I understand why you wouldn't want me to divulge any more here.

Re: To Marie Heelspurs

Pauline on 3/06/04 at 10:49 (146205)

I've been accused of many things here, but I've never posted that Dr. Ed was not a doctor. If that statement was made, it wasn't by me.

It would take time, but you can go back and check each one of my postings for the last 3 years and you will not find those words. Dr. Ed said he practices in Washington State. I take that as a true statement.

I believe after reading so may entries you might have confused what you've read in them and attached my name to this one.

I made one post in support of Dorothy not leaving and you jumped all over me and accuse me of making up fantasies.

I believe if you go back and check the names of both people that made immediate replies to Dorothy's original post you will find them signed Stepford W, & me too. These are the aliases posts I was refering to.

Take a look back and see just how many times Stepford W. or me too has posted on this board. Find all the posts that they have contributed over the past months or years to this site under these names. You won't find any, yet they appear one time and are thought credible.

I raised doubt because this is what I saw. Two responses by names that have never appeard on this site in 3 years jumping on Dorothy. That is wrong in my book. I believe they are posters that we know, but as someone else pointed out in their reply these people don't use their regular names. I don't think this is fantasy.

This is not the first time we've had a single post reply pop up with no others to be found. It's been my experience that trolls don't hang out on sites just to make one liner replies then disappear. They don't seem to operate that way. I felt these two posts were the work of insiders
plain and simple.

Re: To Marie Heelspurs

marie on 3/06/04 at 11:02 (146206)

I believe these are your words..........

The fact that Scott has repeatedly read Mark L's. posts along with those of Larry T. and yet has done nothing speaks volumns to me.

It is my belief that he personally knows who this is. Don't for one minute think any anyone here is not capable of posting under several different names. This would include Scott and our doctors.

Like a good Agatha Christi mystery each player here has a motive.

Look at the patterns, think about the posters then come to your own conclusion.

There really are no secrets here if you continue to watch the patterns that portray themselves over and over on the screen.

There are people actually talking to themselves. Writing a post and then answering it.

In the past, Brian has even caught a doctor posting as another person so it's happening in all aspects of this site.

Reality must be faced at some time. Everyone here has an agenda Scott, Doctors, and Posters.

Ever ask yourself how many of your own doctors would have time to spend their daily hours on the internet? A mystery as to why? No not really.

Ever notice the reception given a new doctor by the others here? A good example Dr. Kiper. Rather cool I'd say, if you go back and read that last exchange. This pattern isn't new, go back and read posts from Dr. Reid and a few of the others that tried to pop in.

Territorial boundries exist whether one wants to believe it or not. One must always remember this is a business.

Ever wonder why a post with a success story, by a NEW poster always seem to show up after a down and dirty ESWT discussion about its ability to cure patients. Go back and look at the pattern it's there.

Ever wonder why someone like Elliott, who is simply posting ALL the facts from studies is pounced on? Do you think this happens by chance. Not on your life.

You are correct when you say there is more here than meets the eye, but some of what we see is very easy to figure out.

Those that are astute get it and know what is going on.

Pauline...I too am very astute. How do you think I've been able to debate Ed, John and BG in politics for so long. :) I notice patterns too. There is one here but not the one you presented in your post above.

The pattern lies in gossip....making something up because of a tidbit here and there is weird. Gossip is a nasty thing. There is a reason why I don't participate in the behind the scene emails anymore. Beleive me if you only knew some of those things said....certain people wouldn't be welcome here anymore.

Perhaps you can better explain these posts to me. Perhaps thye were just flip comments you made.

sincerely marie

Re: To Marie, and Pauline

Julie on 3/06/04 at 11:11 (146209)

That's quite an innuendo, Marie: one of your better, more sweetly suggestive ones.

I'm not going to respond to it, or to the others in your earlier post to me. Do not interpret my lack of response as anything but that: a lack of response. The people who know me can judge whether I was likely to have told you any of my 'secrets' during our brief exchange of emails last year.

Have a nice day.

Pauline, I've no doubt at all that you are correct. 'Stepford W.', 'me too', 'Phil C' and all the other trolls who have posted here in the past few months are surely people whom we know.

I also confirm your recollection that no-one has ever questioned Dr Ed's bona fides.

Re: To Marie, and Pauline

marie on 3/06/04 at 11:31 (146215)

No inuendo Julie...And you did respond. Suzanne had a good point. She gave me the courage to stand up to a few of you. Thanks Suzanne. Sometimes one has to take a stand. Especially since the reputation of this board is at stake. A brief correspondance...don't make me laugh any harder than I already am. Good try. I know you very well....well enough that I'm sure that you wouldn't want me to reveal any of your emails to me. I'm sure you'd benefit from my exit...no threat to you anymore. Believe me the superior act doesn't hold water with me and alot of other folks here.

I got you figured out last fall....like it or not.


Re: To Marie, and Pauline

marie on 3/06/04 at 11:38 (146217)

Julie do a search on Yahoo....type in Dr. Ed's full name you will find his office site there. Call his office on Monday. I will wait for your response. If you do not do this...our only conclusion is that you love the fabrication it suits your purpose attacking Dr. Ed. The truth will end your fabrication. If you don't make the call it will reveal the truth about you.

best wishes marie

Can't wait to hear from Dorothy, Pauline and Julie on Monday!!!!

Re: Heelspurs

Ed Davis,DPM on 3/06/04 at 12:19 (146221)


I truly hope that you are discounting or ignoring the years I spent answering posters questions about foot pain on the boards, basically giving free advice and hopefully preventing many from getting uneccessary surgery. The conflict that we are discussing, specifically, occurred only on the 'Social' Board -- we were doing very well on the other boards most of the time. Some rough spots on the ESWT Board but that was because there are posters there who represent specific economic interests (such as manufacturers) and refuse to identify themselves. I even remember that you emailed me directly about your frustration one day getting about 3 years ago in terms of getting posters to listen to advice.

I do not use people's political affiliations or religious affiliations as a screen for freindship. Those discussions are sometimes avoided or left for much later after we really get to know each other. Unfortunately, the reverse had happened on this specific board of this site-- we based our judgement of others on political stances. I did not agree with Scott at the time but in retrospect, removing politics from this board was a wise move on the part of ScottR. I am satisfied with the fact that Marie has set up a board with a format that allows political discussion and am ready to leave it at that.

Julie, I am not here to be a peacemaker necessarily -- this has been repeated several times by me. What I AM asking for is that EVERYONE here assume that role. It really needs to be done as things here are too turbulent and tend to spin out of control and my assumption is that is because people are on edge and that there is an undercurrent of mutual suspicion that exists. I am spending way more time here than I prefer but feel that I have not been effective in getting these points across and, as you know the characteristic of 'persistence' is both one of my vices and virtues.

Julie, I believe that no site can insulate itself completely from trolls, flamers, the occasional hit and run poster, etc. I don't know who most of the people who do this are although I do know (but not with complete certainty) who one is -- I mentioned that I have introduced a number of people to the site and there is one who may think he is helping by offering support but ends up doing the opposite due to his approach. I am working on tracking down who I beleieve that person is and will take care of that (I was hoping that you and Judy may read between the lines to my rambling post to her below) but I am somewhat constrained by confidentiality issues. Just be assured (as well as ScottR-- before you spend more money than you may need to)that I will work on that one person. He is one and I have no idea who 'Stepford' is. I had a patient come to me last week who claims he has read this site for 2 years and never has posted. There are more readers than posters and a number of people who, if sufficiently motivated or moved will come out and post. One cannot assume that infrequent posters are all trolls. Please be aware that if we give such individuals REASONS to or motivation to post they will do so. The thing that I am proposing is simply not to make this a fertile ground for innapropriate or negative posters. Is that really unreasonable as a proposition?

Julie, I realize that ScottR does not want me to invite people over to the other site but just for the sake of our discussion, take a peek at it -- I am not trying to pull you away from here but just want to show you
that it is POSSIBLE to conduct even controversial topics in a peaceful way. We all have to admit that that site is relatively young so things could go awry, but Marie is keeping close watch. In all fairness to ScottR, this is a much bigger site, has an open format so he would have to do several times the work to keep things 'in check.' Also remember, that so many of us have strong opinions as to how ScottR is 'supposed to' do his job that he cannot satisfy everyone.

Julie, I have not changed my beliefs. I have changed my opinion as to how to conduct myself online, on what it takes to keep a site running efficiently and smoothly. The bottom line is that one should conduct oneself as a 'gentleman' online (I am not sure what the female equivalent of that word is) and everyone including ScottR has my apologies for the times I did not act as a gentleman. I think that David Zuckerman was giving me hints all along and I was too dense to realize it-- again being hard headed has worked for and against me in life. I may be a hard head but am dedicated in my work and I am sincere. The one good thing you can expect from me is honesty -- sometimes that comes across poorly and that is something I am working on and willing to accept any one's help including yours on.

Julie, Dorothy makes a valid point in wondering how I get the time to be here run a practice and family. First, it is really my hope to spend more time with my family -- I have short changed them on time. (The other secret is getting very little sleep but that is something that I need to change - doctor's orders -- but that is a whole other subject we can discuss another time). It is my hope to enter a site such as this, answer a few questions, help a few people and get off. Getting involved in lengthy arguments is very counter-productive both to my time but also to the site. I think that this is 'self-advice' but also something for everyone to consider as it does not add to the quality of the site and diverts people from the function of the site. ScottR is a man of few words but he basically keeps saying, 'stay on subject' and we all simply need to remember that request.

Julie, again, you have my apologies for prior misunderstandings. Again, I am just asking that everyone move forward in a productive direction. I will frequent this board sparingly as it is the not the most pertinent area to what I do. If you would like to speak to me personally, please call me on my cell phone 253-255-6767, leave a message as I will call you back and pay for the charges or email me at (email removed) .

Best regards,

Re: To Marie Heelspurs

Ed Davis,DPM on 3/06/04 at 12:44 (146224)

I think Julie was referring to Dorothy's post (not yours) wondering about how one could be a doctor have a family yet find time to spend here.
Of course, as you know, the new computer got me online a lot the last couple days (hard to stop playing with it). Yes, I spend too much time getting sidetracked -- my goal is to peruse several sites during breaks, answer a few questions and leave. This is the only site where I have gotten sidetracked so I really just want a way to come here, answer a few questions and leave. I have accepted responsibility for my role in not consistently being a gentlemen and not staying on subject. Dr. Z has been giving me hints on this but it has just sunken in -- sorry -- I was being thick headed and dense on this -- one of those things they don't always teach you not to be in school (okay, so I am figuring out 21 years later-- I really am smart in other ways).

Re: Heelspurs

Dr. Z on 3/06/04 at 12:57 (146225)

Great post. This is really the only way to have a safe, productive web site.

Re: for Marie...

Suzanne D. on 3/06/04 at 12:58 (146226)

Marie, when I wrote last night of 'taking a stand', I was referring to speaking out against dishonesty and mean posts to others. I was saying that instead of being quiet once more while people post under such guises of 'Stepford' or 'me too' and hurt others, I wanted to plainly state that such tactics are wrong and should be noted as such.

Does that change the fact that 'they' posted? No. Does that keep 'them' from posting again? No. What does it do then? Well, at least it is one voice speaking up to say, 'This isn't right'. Maybe at least it might make the person to whom they were writing realize that others don't agree. To me, if someone is too cowardly to post and sign their name, then they should know that many will regard their post as nothing to even be considered.

It was with great difficulty that I even wrote that post. I hate conflict and usually make enormous efforts to avoid it in every aspect of life. But I felt to be true to myself, I had to write what I did - whether it made any difference to anyone else at all.

I greatly regret that my point of taking a stand has now been used to defame Julie, and that is the reason for this post. To allude to private e-mails and try to use this privileged information to discredit someone in an open forum is wrong. If we don't agree with what one another writes here, then we have the freedom of speech to say so. But to make innuendos about things that others have no knowledge of is not playing fair.

If we hope to have a safe and helpful site here, we must avoid dishonest and underhanded tactics. That was my stand last night, and it is my stand today.

Suzanne :)

Re: Heelspurs

Ed Davis,DPM on 3/06/04 at 13:01 (146229)

I owe you the most thanks. You have been advising me all along and I wasn't paying good attention. You are a good person and a good doctor.

Re: To Marie, and Pauline

Dr. Z on 3/06/04 at 13:09 (146230)


Take a look at Dr. Ed beautiful family on the heelspurs.com picture site. Now that is evidence of Dr.Ed really knowing what he is doing. Seriously is there anyone out there that doesn't think that Dr. Ed is a real human being. I know I sure do and so do alot of humanspur.com poster.(no spelling error) I for one am soo glad he has returned to this site again

Re: To Marie Heelspurs

Pauline on 3/06/04 at 13:11 (146232)

Yes, those are my words and I stand by them. Everyone here has an agenda and we all think differently.

I'm not out to win a popularity contest with you or to even at the very slightest try to have you think differently or make any attempt to change your mind on anything.

Nothing I say or do could do this, and to that end any explaination I would put in words on any topic would never, with a capital 'N', provide you with satisfaction about any one of my actions, words, or deeds.

Just as you have your ideas, I am entitled to have mine. We may never agree on anything. I can accept that fact. You owe me nothing and I owe you the same.

Re: Heelspurs

Dr. Z on 3/06/04 at 13:12 (146233)

I kind of like the fight in you but it won't work here. You must really be someting with the insurance companies.

Re: To Marie, and Pauline

Paul S on 3/06/04 at 15:09 (146245)

Where is this heelspurs.com picture site ?????????????

Cheers - Paul S

Re: To Marie, and Pauline

Dr. Z on 3/06/04 at 15:16 (146247)

It is at the top the sociat board site. Alot of fun take a look and enjoy

Re: Heelspurs

Dorothy on 3/06/04 at 16:16 (146252)

Marie ~ No need to wait until Monday to hear from me. The others you challenged can speak for themselves. I think your posts reveal your motives: you are protecting Eddie Davis and your website and are willing to hurt others here to do so. I have directly addressed Eddie myself and the posts of those creeps who have attacked me. What is your reason for now joining the attack against me - while saying 'I love Dorothy' for some odd reason. Please, I ask you: love me a little less and be honest.
Do you really not get this, marie, or are you being facetious or are you being sarcastic or simply disingenuous - since much of what has been happening has some relationship to your website, or at least ostensibly it does. Some of the people you have aligned yourself with on your website bear this website and many of the people who frequent it - with the fascinating exception of you, of course - serious ill will. I wonder why none of the malicious, obscene, disruptive posters and posts do their dirty work on your website? What do you think? Is your website so extraordinary that no foul-minded creep has those impulses there? Do the alleged 'trolls respect the wonder of your website too much? Or do the foul-minded creeps have some other agenda?
Who do you think is the main culprit here? The webmaster? Dr.Ed or the 'man of 1,000 signatures'? That creepiest of the creeps Peter R. whom you have actually said you 'like'? Interestingly, Dr. Z. said just recently that Peter R. IS here again! Why aren't the deranged over at your place? Or are they? Why are the proud 'owners' and promoters of your website at this website, and not there? I have looked at your site and there is none of the obscenity and moronic junk that gets deposited here. Is that because your site is better than this one? What do you think, marie? Or is it to sully and disrupt this website so that people want to leave it for the 'clean,calm, peaceful, harmonious, lovely – oh, yes, and not to forget: respectful one that you own? If you really are not aware of what has been happening, that is even more disturbing, since a fair amount of it is done, allegedly, in support and promotion of your website - although it is clear that the real agenda is the disruption or destruction of this one. Why? What difference does it make to the 'members' of your website that this website exists, happy and intact? These people who are doing this clearly have no understanding of why ordinary people use this website. Is the purpose of the websites to display your artwork? To serve as a place for Eddie Davis to dominate in all spheres? You have said it is no contest - but your podiatrist ( and please, can't you keep him at home!) has made it a contest. What if posters here came to your website and tried to destroy it and hurt people? I think the people who want to live at your website should do so and stop coming to heelspurs and throwing rotten eggs. If their neighborhood is so great, why do they keep leaving it? Through all of the, albeit too short, time that Dr. Ed and his followers and minions were at your website and not at this one, peace and calm reigned here. Not related to my 'return as you so insidiously implied, but to his – which followed shortly after mine and also accompanied his invitations to me to e-mail him and/or to go to your/his website. You say you're a stat person which you also say is unusual for an artist (?), well, do a graph: the more that he increased his posting here, the more that trouble increased. Do the same graph when he was here before. And then even earlier, when I had never heard of this place or of you or of him.
The correlative graph is for the increase in obscene and mean posts, many of them directed at my name, that also accompany the increase in Dr. Ed's postings here. During the first of the troubles last year, when I was a new visitor here and politics were discussed, I didn't think Eddie was as much to blame as others were claiming. Since then, however, I recognize that he is a very disruptive force, for a variety of observable and some speculative reasons. He insinuates himself into everything; he skews things; he manipulates and ever so subtly distorts – and then he pulls the saintly innocence routine.

You have implied – without naming – that trouble began when those who were away 'returned . Since, to my knowledge, I am the only one who was away and returned, you must be referring to me, although why you didn't just direct this at 'Dorothy , I don't know. There has been no inhibition of posts directed at that name. Notice to you and to everyone: do a search here under 'Dorothy and tell me what you see that has provoked the kind of invective against me that has occurred. Notice the kinds of posts that have been directed at me for quite a while. What I did was decline Dr. ed's invitation to e-mail him. What has happened ever since his posts increased here along with his notes directed at me is a concomitant increase in the wicked posts to me – and for what exactly, Marie? To what end? I post pretty banal information about shoes, insoles, where to buy them – whatever I can share that might be useful; if it isn't, they can ignore it. I rarely talk about ME unless something that I have tried with regard to foot or back trouble might possibly be useful to someone else. I have to accept that Eddie Davis is a podiatrist, but I will continue to ask how a podiatrist with patients, a private practice, family and all other activities that he reports he has, has the time to post with the frequency that he does here and at your website? This predated his reported 'new computer and by the way, the 'troubles associated with him predated my ever even knowing about the existence of this website.
Eddie Davis, in my opinion, is a very weird duck and the things that happen around him are very weird. When he posts here, these creepy posts increase, even if not under his name. There is something bizarrely coincidental about that. It was true during the 'troubles before and it is true again in this recent debacle. And now he is implying that some of his PATIENTS are responsible! If my speculations sound bizarre to you, they do to me, as well and they have developed because I – as a human being who has a need to have things make sense – have been unable to explain the really horrid things that have been said to me and about me here – and they always accompany Eddie Davis' presence here.

As to the pornographic x-rays that were posted indirectly to me in the midst of increasing hostility to me, I have also been baffled and have recently wondered: who has access to a series of unrelated x-rays? Medical professionals, that's who. You and Eddie like to characterize this as 'carrying a grudge , but what it is, like much of the other garbage that has accompanied him to my name, is a puzzle to me – something that makes no sane sense. And I like for things to make sense. I speculate that Eddie has thinly disguised resentment for Judy, Pauline, perhaps Julie, and me because we see through him.

As to your posts to Suzanne and Julie about e-mails and all of that – that is pretty low. What in the world are you thinking? I think this does point out the risks that are inherent to these private discussions with you or Eddie Davis, however. I think it also points out that your motives may not be so innocent. The fact that you want to disparage others' who hold opinions of him – and perhaps now of you, – by saying 'can't wait to hear from Pauline, Julie, Dorothy, Judy…. doesn't make your disparagement valid. I no longer understand why you and Eddie Davis post here at all; you have a website. It does not just deal with political issues. It deals with the very same issues as this website. For you to try to distance yourself from the active damage done here – in the name of your website - and not by me! – does not hold water. I congratulated you on your website and told you that I admired your skill at developing a website. That I preferred the format – that's all, just the format – of this website seemed to irritate you, but why my opinion one way or another would make any difference to you is beyond me. I'm just one poster with foot problems and occasionally some back problems. I don't come here just to 'yak as you put it. I rarely just 'yak . I don't talk about my dog or cats or house or children or recipes or whatever, with the exception of the occasional conversation with Suzanne about Kentucky. Do not twist my words! – I enjoy reading others' social posts about their interests and doings – but that is not why I visit here. I visit here because it has been a comfort-line for me and a source of useful information and things to try in hope of being a fully moving human being again. I wear Brooks shoes – thank goodness! – because I learned about them here. I do Julie's foot stretches because I learned about them here. I use other products and methods because I learned about them here. I have tried to give people specific, clear information in return about sources for products, studies I have read and so on, where a sale is occurring, etc. so that I am not just a ‘taker' but also a ‘giver', although I have little to give as far as helpful information.

You say your mother was diagnosed with schizophrenia in 1971 and you say that her illness was very disruptive to your family. I had a long, successful – if such can be used to describe such – career as a clinician. One field I know is mental health. Maybe that training does lead me to look at behavior and motives and issues more than some people, but that does not negate the fact that some personalities ('disordered or not) cause disruption and havoc, while they then step back and see what they have wrought, while others are cleaning up the mess. I have not only been a clinician. I have also been and done many other things in life so a clinical perspective is not all that colors my view of people and their actions. You keep using the term 'cut and run ; I have not cut and run in the past, nor am I 'cutting and running now. I am leaving, not 'cutting and running. I am sick of the filthy words directed at my name – and some of it done in promotion of your website, but I do not think you had nothing to do with that directly – and I don't want to be exposed to it anymore. I am sick of statements being twisted and distorted and skewed. It makes me feel rotten to see that stuff. I want to feel better, not worse. It's pretty simple. That you call leaving 'cut and run does not make it so. I have posted several more times AFTER saying I was leaving (guess that makes you right, Pauline!) because 1.) I did not want to let some misapprehensions stand that apparently involved my name and 2.) admittedly, it does take me a little time to wean myself away from the habit of visiting here. I am weaning myself away and will wean myself away, but it is a habit and takes time to change it. For you or anyone else to say or imply that I was the source, cause, genesis or in any other way responsible for any of this garbage is false and you know it. You are apparently blaming me, Eddie is trying to blame me and some select other posters and now, add to the list, some of his patients – PULEEEZE!! For you or your associates to try to leech from this website for the benefit of your own is wrong. That is for you and the webmaster here to hash out. I don't care – until it involves my name as it has done. I have said this before but I will say it again, 'Dorothy is not my real name; I use it as a poster name here and is the name of someone I care about very much and who referred me to this site. I am glad that I have not used my real name, but I have posted consistently under the name of Dorothy and not under any other name ever, not once. Now, I THINK I may be done here. I hope my feet and everybody's feet get well.
Suzanne: bless your heart. Don't let turkeys get you down!

Re: Heelspurs

Dr. Z on 3/06/04 at 17:41 (146260)


Wow !! I hope that none of this true. I have welcomed Dr. Ed to the dcctor section right from the start. He never had to try to control the ESWT and or doctor's section of the board. His contributions to the medical/patient section is equal if not greater thenof my time spent in this area. His contributions and help have been just amazing.
The political section and his opinions well I never got involved but only looked at this aspect as entertainment and enjoyment for others.
I just don't see Dr. Ed as the one with a Napoleon complex. But this is from a peer to peer relationship.

Re: for Marie...

marie on 3/06/04 at 18:29 (146269)

Gossip and manipulation isn't right either. You may have forgotten that I was part of that little scenario that Julie planned. I'm not sure if I was impressed with her ability to manipulate the very people she gossiped about in emails or if I was upset because she used friends for her own purpose....to get rid of Dr. Ed. You're absolutely right enough is enough. I visit here very infrequently just quick hello and goodbye.....just enough to stay in touch. I'll continue to do so. I'm not the boss of you and none of the gossips here are the boss of me either.


marie on 3/06/04 at 18:32 (146270)


Re: Heelspurs

marie on 3/06/04 at 18:40 (146271)

Dorothy...I'm not going to bother to read your post. You're not the boss of me and neither is Julie or anyone else. I'm not protecting Ed...good grief he can handle himself just fine. The jig is up. You honestly think Julie is your ally...let me enlighten you. You're one of the people she loved to gossip about the most. She has ripped your posts apart in messages to me. I am sure I've been alot of fun for them to gossip about and make up little stories about me as well....remember 'like little school girls'. Get a clue. I'm sure the words Julie's words 'Waspish' and 'Meddelsome' will ring a bell with her. I quit talking to her last fall because she didn't want the politcal discussions to stop she wanted to get rid of Ed. I got used and manipulated by her for a while but when I realized who she'd been chatting with I was disgusted. She used the ladies she gossiped most about on this board to do it.

Thankfully Suzanne set a spark in me. Enough is enough.

I've held back long enough.


marie on 3/06/04 at 18:43 (146274)

Oh yeah like I typed that in.

The funny part is that what you said only shows the true villian here. You know the one that types little messages in the title box. This doesn't phase me a bit. You just don't want me to share the real story.

Re: Oh but please do , tell all . Tell the "Whole story Marie , you are so good at it

marie on 3/06/04 at 18:46 (146276)

You are the best at telling stories !!!!!!

Re: Heelspurs

marie on 3/06/04 at 18:52 (146277)

Wow...thanks I needed that. Your a good person. Great post. I hope someone will listen.....really listen.

Thanks... I'm glad you're visiting here again.

Re: It's time for secret agent Angie

Angie on 3/06/04 at 18:55 (146278)

Shhhh! it's marie I'm in cognito B-). There's a troll snooping around the board again.........

Re: WRONG , NO TROLL ...... But remember I don't want to be your boss . And you talk about school girls ??

marie on 3/06/04 at 19:03 (146281)


Re: Oh yes the troll is very present........

Angie on 3/06/04 at 19:21 (146283)

Angie is on the job!!!!!B-)

I think this pretty well clears things up for alot of readers here. That was just to darn easy. Go have a conversation with yourself. shooooo.

best wishes marie....in cognito :)

Re: Angie , Marie , Cybil Or whoever you are trying to be

marie on 3/06/04 at 19:57 (146290)

You are the lowest of the lowest . How on earth can you pick on Julie ? She has been nothing but kind ..... Oh yeah , that's right , their is jealousy ... If it makes you feel good to call me a troll , so be it ..... You got some major issues . I hope you get some much needed help .......

Re: One of the trolls was one of you all along.........

Seceret Agent Angie on 3/06/04 at 20:00 (146292)

best wishes marie....urrr Seceret Agent Angie.

Re: Ok Angie , Cybil or Marie , whatever makes you feel good , but get help ....

marie on 3/06/04 at 20:02 (146293)


Re: Dear Troll

Seceret Agent Angie on 3/06/04 at 20:03 (146294)

So why are you using my name on your post? Pleeeeeze.

Re: Dear Troll......Once upon a time....

Seceret Agent Angie on 3/06/04 at 20:06 (146295)

Sweetie your the one who is using my name to post. Another fabrication...please. It's not hard to figure out who you really are. You've been baiting people here for a long time. And to think I fell for it too.

best wishes marie

Re: Please discontinue posting to this thread.

Moderator on 3/06/04 at 20:24 (146300)

Please do not use the subject line for messaging. The proper location for messaging is within the message box. Thankyou.

Re: Please discontinue posting to this thread-

Moderator on 3/06/04 at 20:27 (146302)

Please do not use the subject line for messages. The proper location for messages is within the 'comments' box. Thankyou.

Re: Heelspurs

Dorothy on 3/06/04 at 20:55 (146304)

Well, then I am hurt again. Thank you for letting me know, although I wish I had known this before. I hadn't heard 'waspish' from her, but I have heard meddlesome and hobby horse. They were not nice. I don't 'worship' anyone here and frankly, I don't think she or anyone else here is my 'ally'. Why in the world does anyone here need 'allies' in the first place, yet that seems to be the case. I have none. I never did have any, nor did I seek any. I did want someone to stop the crap. I truly do not know what is going on here and just as I would not want to walk on quicksand, so I do not want to walk where there is so much unseen, secretive and nasty stuff going on. I don't want to be the boss of anyone, Marie, not anyone, nor do I want anyone to be the boss of me - as you say. I actually appreciate your telling me that Julie was speaking unkindly about me to you and others. You are probably hurt by my words; I am hurt. Everybody's hurt. Nasty business. Ok - well, thanks again. Your directness is appreciated, for what that's worth.

Re: Heelspurs

Dorothy on 3/06/04 at 21:02 (146307)

I have no idea what's true here. Somebody else will need to figure that out. I don't know about a 'Napoleon complex'. I know nothing about what is going on here. The truth is out there, as 'X-Files' teaches us. Maybe somebody knows it, but it's not me. I have vented and ranted lately and nothing else. This seems like a gigantic soap opera for people with bad feet. So, you may be 100% right about everything, including Dr. Ed. You may not be right at all. I have no idea. None. I am spent from trying to find the truth, genuineness, honesty here.

Re: for Marie...

Carole C in NOLA on 3/06/04 at 22:59 (146317)

I've been thinking about Suzanne's post, and wondering how I can take a stand against dishonesty and meanness in posts without adding fuel to the fire.

And, Aha! I think I've found a way.

Discussion boards are for discussion, not for character assassination. I feel that anyone who sincerely wants to be here to discuss foot problems, and who can do so NICELY and has done so NICELY, should not be subjected to dishonesty and meanness in posts from others.

Dishonesty, meanness, and character assassination are not NICE and they do not belong in any posts here from anybody no matter what. They reflect very badly on the person who posts that kind of not-nice post.

There. I've taken my stand and many of you know from the last round of this, where I stand (from old e-mails and messages). I remain unchanged in my opinions.

Carole C

Re: Heelspurs

Julie on 3/07/04 at 02:21 (146323)



I have always respected and learned from your medical knowledge, and the cogency and thoroughness with which you've offered it to people who come here seeking help. You know that: I've told you so on several occasions. I was glad when you began posting on the medical boards again. If your attitude has changed as much as you say it has, and if you've decided that your proper role here is to be a doctor, and not monopolise the social board, that will be apparent in the course of time. I very much hope it is so.


Re: for Marie...

Dr. Z on 3/07/04 at 07:43 (146327)

That was my point when I was the moderator and delete posting that just weren't nice

Re: for Marie...

Carole C in NOLA on 3/07/04 at 08:00 (146328)

By the way some of you may have noticed that I did not name names or take sides in my above message. That just adds fuel to the fire.

It is NOT support for any particular person or persons. Nor is it dishonest, mean, or character assassination.

Carole C