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Posted by Dr. Z on 3/06/04 at 04:51 (146192)

I would like to place a powerpoint slide showing what is called the blastpath for both the ossatron and the dornier for the treatment of chronic plantar fasciiitis. I think that these slides with an explanation can show the poster and or doctor exactly where the energy is gong and where and what portion of the pf is being treated. So my question do I have your permission and second how would I do this. Thanks

Re: scottr

scottr on 3/06/04 at 07:18 (146195)

Dr Z, you could email me the presentation and i would upload it to heelspurs.com and make a link(s) to it.

Re: scottr

Dr. Z on 3/06/04 at 12:58 (146227)

I sure will. There is alot of good ESWT powerslides that I can give to you. Let see how this one works out first The slides are on my office server