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Sorry......the real marie

Posted by marie on 3/06/04 at 20:27 (146301)

Sorry i engaged in a conversation with the troll.

Re: Sorry......the real marie

Ed Davis, DPM on 3/06/04 at 20:59 (146305)

Nice to see you back.

Re: ps

Ed Davis, DPM on 3/06/04 at 21:08 (146308)

There is a poster on the TTS Board looking for teachers with TTS. I told her to do a search to find your posts but am unsure if she has been successful. Her name is Donna O.

Re: thanks

marie on 3/06/04 at 21:19 (146310)

Thanks...Your response isn't listed on the board. Must be delayed.

I'm not a very good secret agent anyway! I hope by reading the titles people will realize I wasn't making those posts. I'm glad it was all deleted.....I hoped it would be. It seems to me you can delete the titles or at least change the names by going into the html code and typing something new in. I wonder why that won't work. Would it mess up the boards main html code?