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Posted by marie on 3/06/04 at 21:22 (146311)

Why can't you change the titles of the threads by going into the html code and typing in a new name? I don't think changing the words of a title would mess up the board. I've been learning alot of html lately and I think that it could be done here.


Re: scottr

marie on 3/06/04 at 21:25 (146312)

PS: I tested it and it worked.

Re: scottr

scottr on 3/06/04 at 21:27 (146313)

it's based on a database, not individual web pages. things are stored in various places for things like individual messages and the index. the index is hard to modify without screwing up the other threads. it's possible, but i haven't written the code to do it.

Re: scottr

scottr on 3/06/04 at 21:28 (146314)

you saved and modified it as a html page, but that's not how it's stored here.

Re: scottr

marie on 3/06/04 at 21:45 (146316)

I understand what you're saying. Yes, it would be hard to change the index without disrupting the code for the rest of the board and threads.

Would you be able to do a similar code for titles and store them as you have done for the actual messages? Would this mess up the search feature?

I just thought changing the title of a message may work instead of deleting it.