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Night Splint for TTS?

Posted by samuel c on 3/08/04 at 06:39 (146411)

Anyone ever try the night splint for tts, as i know its for PF, but was wondering if there have been any success cases using it at night for bed.

Re: Night Splint for TTS?

chrisb on 3/08/04 at 09:25 (146424)

One caution from my experience -- I used a night splint last November every night. Perhaps i adjusted it for too much dorsiflexion, I don't know. At any rate, it woke me up in the middle of the night with pain in my metatarsals. Sometimes I kicked the splint off at 4 am, most nights I figured this must be good for me and went back to sleep with the pain. After a month of this, I started to develop Mortons neuroma in my 3rd toe. Now, months later the Mortons has lessened but is still with me a bit.
So don't ratchet the splint too tight and if it hurts, take the splint off. Thats my advice.