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Hello & update..

Posted by Rachael T. on 3/08/04 at 12:02 (146442)

Hello to all & update from me - after my setback last week & only 3 days of ibup....I am ok once again! BUT...I've deleted squats from my exercise agenda...continue to swim & bike daily ~ & ride a horse weekly - We're soon returning north (not anxious aft. hearing the cold temps there this week!) Hoping that the exercise continues & the feet (w/ my SDOs & Brooks Ariels) continue to improve. Just wanted to update you all & of course, I always enjoy reading & learning from these Message Boards. Hope you all are doing well!

Re: Hello & update..

Kathy G on 3/08/04 at 12:51 (146449)


I'm so glad you discovered that it was the squats and that your recovery time was so brief! I don't blame you for not wanting to come north. We're having snow today. Last week, we had a day near 60 degrees. What kills me is that we're just having a little snow and we need the water as this winter has been too dry. I'd like it to snow like crazy because this time of year, it melts pretty fast and all sinks into the ground and melts into the rivers. They are predicting a drought for the summer. Unless, of course, we have a rainy summer and none of us want that!

Enjoy that Florida sunshine as long as you can!

Re: Hello & update..

Physics Ron on 3/08/04 at 21:57 (146490)

Hi Rachael...So glad your healing nicely. Your a good example where it helps to talk to the Doc. I find his exercises helpful @ http://drkiper.com/Basic1.asp & to wear them at all times (a pain). Keep us informed as to how mi/week your up for.

Re: Hello & update..

JudyB on 3/09/04 at 12:59 (146540)

I found that biking was bad for me. It seems for me know matter what I do, my feet will hurt. Even walking. The only thing that seems to help is taking my shoes off and icing, but isn't that just masking the problem?

Re: Hello & update..

Carole C in NOLA on 3/09/04 at 13:31 (146542)

Judy, I couldn't bike either until I was almost completely recovered.

Even now, when I ride my exercycle I am careful to

1. wear my custom orthotics
2. keep the seat adjusted a little further forward
3. only bike at the lowest tension

The repetitive motion of my exercycle was what first caused my PF. By now I am able to ride about 2.5-3.5 miles a day on it, which takes about 10-15 minutes.

When my PF was acute and painful, I found that rest allowed my feet to heal faster because I wasn't re-injuring them.

Gentle, non-weightbearing (sitting down) stretching is especially important if you rest a lot, so that you maintain your flexibility and don't tighten up.

I wouldn't dismiss icing as only masking the problem. Since the problem is inflammation, icing can help to minimize that inflammation especially after overdoing. At any rate, I would encourage you to ice if it helps to decrease your pain for more than a few minutes after you stop.

Carole C (just another PF sufferer, who is pretty much healed by now)

Re: Hello & update..

Peter A on 3/11/04 at 12:18 (146704)

Judy: As I understand it, the interesting thing about inflamation is that it is a sign of healing. Reducing inflamation does indeed reduce discomfort, but it can interfere with the healing process -- although of course there are times that you think, 'I can't take any more healing.' This is why, for example, the Wilderness Medicine Institue no longer suggests large amounts of ibuprophin for back country sprains. They used to recommend 'HI-RICE': hydration, Ibu. (600 mg or more), rest, ice, constriction & elevation. But the Ibu., which is an effective anti-inflamatory, was not indicated in many casees, for the reason that it interferes with or delays recovery. Last year, just after I took the Wilderness First Aid course, they sent out a letter changing the recommendation. On the other hand, as Carole suggests, icing can be good after use, if it helps decrease the pain. That is pretty much how I use it now -- not as a frequent treatment, but as relief after overuse.

Re: Hello & update..

john h on 3/11/04 at 12:37 (146707)

Peter: You may be saying what I think and that is use ice immediately after activity which may induce swelling and inflamation.
Many professional basball pitchers immediately wrap their arms in ice after pitching in a game. Many people recommend iceing the foot immediately after activity not only to reduce the pain but to reduce the swelling and inflamation. I even note that some professional golfers now ice down their shoulders after a round. Not a cure but as you know helps reduce pain. I do not even want to guess how much ice is used during an NFL game. Seems like everyone is iceing.

Re: Hello & update..

Peter A on 3/12/04 at 08:45 (146770)

John: That's exactly right -- use ice after use or any activity that could induce swelling, inflamation or pain, but not as a therapy for long-term recovery or cure. That's pretty much what I do: ice after heavy use, and sometimes at night if I've walked quite a bit or been on my feet during the day. I find it helpful to rest my foot after icing for up to 30 minutes -- walking on it too soon is uncomfortable. And I have found that I get a marked decrease in pain & discomfort at around 30 minutes after icing, which of course feels great!