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Re Pala's Posts

Posted by Dorothy on 3/09/04 at 14:07 (146545)

As usual, I do not trust that some people are who they claim to be here. The person writing as 'pala' fits into that category. He?She? seems to mispell fairly common, basic words routinely, yet uses a word like 'obfuscate' and spells it correctly; writes with grammar and spelling oddities, yet claims a longstanding love for great writers and poets and associates him/herself with 'literary' people. This person comes on here, out of the blue from some distant past, and ostensibly wants to offer 'support for dorothy and dr. z' yet, instead seems to be actively stirring up (combination of old and recent)conflicts. This person said something that seemed nice about me, and hopeful that I am, I momentarily got taken in, but now I have my doubts; I think this person was attempting to provoke something here - while simultaneously distancing him/herself from the blatant provocation. So, watch out for that or you will be saying 'here we go again!'
What is odd to me is that this person - in my opinion - seems to be making some claims about his/her persona that call into question his/her identity and motives. It seems to me that in the past 24 hours, with the exception of the 'pala' posts, the message boards have been friendly, appropriate, on point and useful. I am staying away because it is good for me and I think good for this site, but I have still been reading, gradually reducing time here as part of weaning myself away, and the 'pala' posts, I think, raise suspicions. Advice from an experienced warrior here: ignore the posts that result in anything that is not clearly focused on something constructive with clear motives.

Second, TO BRIAN who is wondering about nitric oxide: reading about L-Arginine tells you that it has affects on increasing circulation, but rather than take it as a supplement with its other affects, applying it in topical form might be helpful.
There is a product called ThermoMax WarmCream. I haven't tried it. A friend has/liked its affects, so here is a product description:
'Recommended for: Circulation, Poor; Cold Feet
Apply a dab of ThermoMax™ Warm Cream with amino acid L-arginine to cold hands and toes and rub it in. The blood vessels will relax naturally and speed up circulation to icy toes and fingers within minutes. Poor circulation need not leave you in the cold anymore'

That's what the product description from somewhere or other says. Personally, I think your thinking on this subject makes perfect sense and is on a good track. It's the same concept behind the Anodyne Light Therapy, for example; it has to do with nitric oxide and increased circulation and is the only thing to have a positive affect on (some, not 100%) of diabetic/peripheral neuropathy.

Re: Re Pala's Posts

pala on 3/09/04 at 14:47 (146549)

pala doesn't spell good. that is suspicious.

your right about this tho, dorothy, no one knows who is posting anymore with what alias. this makes the whole thing very confusing. the way they were doing you did get me to start posting here again. it got my goat.

and you don't know the history of me and elliot and me and the minions. i don't believe one word they say and so it is a viscous circle of suspicion,eh?

but because i prefer peace here and poetry, tho aparrently those who spell badly and those who are badly educated do not seem to rightfully align themselves with the literary folk, i will stop answering back now unless they sneak in another bash against liberal democrats.

now sit back and watch all the minions do me in their own inimitable style and then draw a conclusion about your last post.

imagine a gutter rat from brooklyn like me spelling and using the word obfuscate correctly.

i think this board is getting both of us paranoid. we should have been pals, the minions are loving this. but here, you learn to say 'whatever'. glad you decided to stick around. got any favourite authors?

Re: Re Pala's Posts

pala on 3/09/04 at 15:28 (146553)

with this caveat (did i spell that right). if i get visciosly attacked and baited here again by the baiting society, and i can sniff them out no matter what their aliases, i'll bring us all on another walk down memory lane. i believe the minions would just as soon have no more reminders of that 'unfortunate' incident'. we shall see if they really want to drop this now.

Re: Re Pala's Posts

pala on 3/09/04 at 15:38 (146554)

i don't remeber wanting to offer support for dr z. why drag him into this?

Re: Re Pala's Posts

Dorothy on 3/09/04 at 19:56 (146567)

You are correct. My apologies. I misread your post. You wrote: 'i was trying to be supportive to dorothy and then dr z and i started talking about it. anyway,'

but I read it, 'i was trying to be supportive to dorothy and then dr. z --- and i started talking about it...'

It's a matter of punctuation, but as one who disregards punctuation all the time, that shouldn't have caused me to misread as I did.
It's just my reading error and I apologize to you for it.

Please, carry on and enjoy.

Re: Re Pala's Posts

pala on 3/09/04 at 20:26 (146573)

no problem dorothy. have a nice evening.