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Look out Wendy! They are headed your way!

Posted by Necee on 3/10/04 at 00:24 (146592)

This past weekend while at the farm I noticed the Canadian geese were heading back north. All weekend long we saw several flocks of them high in the sky flying in their perfect 'V' formation.
So...get ready Wendy, they are coming home!

Happy trails...


Re: Look out Wendy! They are headed your way!

wendyn on 3/10/04 at 08:12 (146597)

Thanks Necee! I have actually seen them over the last few weeks. Although they are a good sign, I am not really fond of them. They are SO noisy. And messy. But, I do look forward to spring.

Re: Look out Wendy! They are headed your way!

marie on 3/13/04 at 08:11 (146852)

The geese have been pouring in. We have so many natural lakes in the county that it's a natural place for them to come. We also have many wild swans on the lakes. They are beautiful but you dare not get to close to them and their babies. They have been known to attack wave runners.

Another bird we see here is the bald eagle. It's nice to see they are increasing in numbers. Also the Sand Crane is increasing in numbers. They are large awkward looking birds similar to an emu. They don't seem to have alot of fear of people. They love to hang out and stroll on the golf courses.

Re: Look out Wendy! They are headed your way!

john h on 3/15/04 at 09:04 (147036)

There is an absolutely wonderful DVD about ducks and geese. I think it may have been made by Nationl Geographic. This could have only been made with an aircraft of some sort flying in formation with the ducks and Geese as you feel you are within 2 feet of them in flight. It takes you on their flight from Canada to the south and one of the great nature films of all time.It appears to be in high definition. You can watch this every month and still enjoy it if you are a nature lover. I will post the title when I get home. For those of you who enjoy DVD's there is a site that sells new DVD's still in the packaging for less than 50% of store prices. Website is:


Re: Look out Wendy! They are headed your way!

john h on 3/15/04 at 09:13 (147037)

I have posted this before but for 4 years I counted geese and ducks for the U.S. Forestery Service. On a given day in January of each year ducks and geese are counted all over the United States at specific locations where they are know to gather in large quanities. I would fly a small DeHaviland Beaver (Canadian outback aircraft) with a ranger on board to all the major reservoirs in Kansas. On these lakes Ducks and Geese were so thick you could walk on them for miles.Millions and millions. Overhead were many Eagles as they fed on the injured. At a given altitude the ranger had a plane little square perhaps 6' x 6'. He would view the ducks or geese through this square and count how many were in it. He would then estimate how many squares were on the lake or resovoir and walla you have your count. It normally took us 2-3 days with two aircraft and this all occured on the same days nation wide. The ground and lakes were usually covered with snow and it was a sight to behold. Tell me what all the ducks and geese were doing in these lakes in January? Guess it is just as cold there as in Canada.