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1st visit to Pod.

Posted by Renee S on 3/10/04 at 13:44 (146611)

I'm just back from the pod and she prescribe a night splint and stretching(which I told her did not work) She also said to wear it as long as possible, e.g. during the evening at home as well as sleeping with it. The Pod says my muscles are to tight in my calf and that's why I have PF. If it doesn't work after 1 month I have to go back and see her. Next step after the night split, in my case is a cast, since I tried everything else before going to the Pod. (Ice, Strapping, Stretching, Injection...) I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who answered my previous posts and thanks again for taking the time to reply. I'm very touched by how people on all the heelspur.com messageboards try there best to answer all the questionned asked by us newbies. Thank you all again!

Re: 1st visit to Pod.

Dr. Z on 3/10/04 at 16:04 (146625)

What about physical therapy with the nite splint.?

Re: 1st visit to Pod.

Renee S on 3/11/04 at 08:14 (146674)

She talked a bit about it, but said she would maybe try it before putting my foot in a cast. She also said that my PF is very bad in that the PF is extrmely tight. I went to a PT for my pinched sciatic never and he replace my pelvis. What do they do for PF? I will continue my stretching and try to wear the night splint as much as possible. Do you think I should wear it all day and walk on crutches? Thank you.

Re: 1st visit to Pod.

francesc on 3/11/04 at 15:51 (146730)

hi renee,

i am currently doing the night splint with physical therapy. i have also had an injection (temporary relief), orthotics (couldn't tolerate them), and rest (temporary). i like the physical therapy because my therapist is trying to determine the cause of my PF which doesn't seem likely to be my foot (regular arches, not pronating much), or my flexibility. he knows about my leg length problems, my back problems, and he thinks it may be related to my hip/pelvis being misaligned.

he is trying different things such as active release therapy or what they sometimes call trigger point therapy. and also the light therapy which i've only had 1 instance of but, it seems to be helpful.

plus, where you only see your doctor once a month or so, you see your therapist quite often and some of the treatments they do will help relieve some of the pain and swelling.

if i were you, i would try it before getting casted.

hope this helps,