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ESWT 8 weeks ago.

Posted by Alan T on 3/10/04 at 17:22 (146633)

Had ESWT 8 weeks ago (Dornier) and so far very little response. I continue to do everthing possible to improve my condition( taping, rest, orthotics, ect.). However, I have not tried stretching or night splints. If I recall, night splints place continuous tension on the inflammed fascia. How can this be good???? In the Heel Pain Book, Scott tried night splints and had a set-back. My calf muscels feel tight, but I cannot seem to stretch the calf without the inflammed fascia pulling on my heel. I even tried taping before stretching. Is there any way to loosen the calfs without the fascia pulling on the heel?

Re: ESWT 8 weeks ago.

Steve G on 3/10/04 at 19:00 (146636)

You might want to look into julies stretches discussed on this site - I think yoga will work as a link. You should be able to use the night splint without putting strain on the fascia. Just don't try too much of an angle. The splint will help provide the long term stretching you need. I use the strassburg sock, which you might want to look into. If your calf is tight this could, definitely, be part of your problem.