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steroid injections

Posted by Jan C on 3/11/04 at 07:51 (146672)

I would be interested to hear of experiences regarding the above for relief of TTS. My 11 year old son had his first this week. Should I be hopeful?

Re: steroid injections

Elaine T on 3/12/04 at 23:31 (146840)

When I was first diagnosed five years ago, the pain was debilitating. The doctor I was seeing at that time injected my ankle with little relief. He did another injection approx. two weeks later, and that one worked. I haven't needed another one since. I never lost the numbness, swelling, tingling, etc., because the injections are not a cure, but I've been free of bad pain since the second injection. I was told that three injections are the limit; luckily I didn't need a third one.

I chose to have surgery at this point, because the numbness was spreading, the pins and needles had returned, and I'm middle-aged. Not everyone reacts the same, I'm sure, but I was lucky.