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1 week after TTS Surgery

Posted by Steven L. on 3/11/04 at 12:25 (146706)

I must say That I feel great today and have for the last few days. I have no more pain at all except the surgical area. I still keep my foot up as much as I can and feel like walking alredy...BUT I know I must wait until doc says its ok.I keep wiggling my toes becose my foot wants to get out of this fiberglass cast, but I have to wait until the 19th. The only medication that Im on is vicoden regular strenght every 6 to 8 hours.I am lucky I guess !!!

Re: 1 week after TTS Surgery

chrisb on 3/11/04 at 12:41 (146709)

Great to hear Steven. Send me some of your luck -- I'm going for surgery next Thursday. Keep us posted on you recovery.

Re: I'm three days post surgery

Elaine T on 3/11/04 at 14:20 (146714)

and so far have not had any pain at all. I'm also keeping my foot elevated, and getting really bored. Today I'm starting to have a slight burning sensation on the bottom of my heel and foot. I don't get my plaster splint off until the 22nd.

I'm watching a lot of movies, and playing a lot of PC solitaire, and PC jigsaw puzzles. Don't know what I'd do without my laptop

Re: I'm three days post surgery

Steven L. on 3/11/04 at 15:30 (146727)

I have a wonderfull blue fiberglass cast, My 3rd one since october 11th ( Broke my heel , that was the cause of my TTS

Re: Steven, a question

Elaine T on 3/11/04 at 20:29 (146752)

Have you experience a burning sensation on the bottom of your foot? I started getting that this afternoon. I'm not sure if this was some of the nerve pain my doctor told me to expect, or if it's from the splint.

Like you, I'm wiggling my toes all the time; I wonder why? I'm glad you're here to lead the way for me. I like to read the posts from everyone to my husband, and it helps us both to understand things that are going on.

Re: 1 week after TTS Surgery

Claire on 3/12/04 at 10:45 (146784)

Hello Stephen! I hope your recovery is going smoothly and you are in good spirits? I would like to know if the surgeon whom performed your TTS release found anything i.e. removed anything? Many thanks.

Re: 1 week after TTS Surgery

Steven L on 3/15/04 at 12:33 (147050)

I am doing well however developing some pain in surgical area. Yesterday I did not have to take anything for pain however today I had too. The doctor found scar tissue during the TTS surgery from my broken heel back in october of last year, and said most likely that was the cause of TTS.

Re: Steven, a question

Steven L on 3/15/04 at 12:49 (147053)

Part of the burning that I had was due too swelling of my foot in the cast and post surgical pain is what doc told me. It is fine when I keep my foot up, however when I have it down for a length of tome it swells up.I will be out of this cast and in a cam boot this friday I hope. I think that part of my constant wiggling of toes is becouse I feel like my foot is trapped and cant wait to get free again. I get so frustrated becouse My foot swelling went down and my cast flops around when I move it.

Re: Steven, a question

Elaine T on 3/15/04 at 22:28 (147096)

Oh man, today the humidity went up to like 80% and my foot swelled. Everything hurt! I think you're right about the burning, because it does seem to be swellling related. I see my doctor Monday, so I'll be trapped a few days longer than you. This whole deal is frustrating, I hate being helpless, but you are so right about it being worse if I don't keep my foot constantly elevated. Glad there are people going through this with me, it really helps.