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Need Help!! Anyone?

Posted by Linda L on 3/12/04 at 02:41 (146762)

Hello all im back with another question, well ive had Pf for almost a year now, and i've had my good days and bad, now ive been bedridden for almost 3 weeks because of the ankle swelling in one foot and also going to the other foot after limping and hopping around. I had an MRI done and this is what it said.....'a mild amount of high intensity fluid is noted around the distal course PT tendon causing mild distention of the tendon sheath.'....'the visual finding raises suspicion of a mild tenosynovitis.' I dont really know what this means can someone help. and also the tarsal tunnel looks clean and all the muscles as well. Everything else that was tested for in the MRI was normal except what ive stated. I've gone for a seconnd opinion and again the doctor has said he does not understand why something so small could cause me so much pain that i can not put weight on either foot. I'm going to get an ultrasound soon to chek for any blood clots but the doctor said he doubts that it would be. ANY IDEAS ANYONE?

Re: NCV?

Lara on 3/12/04 at 07:13 (146767)

Will your doc order an NCV? My understanding is that an MRI is not real good at diagnosing TTS unless there is an identifiable mass - in which case it is really identifying the cause of TTS. NCV is the gold standard for TTS. I don't know enough about the range of symptoms to know if your symptoms sound like TTS - hopefully someone else will. They don't sound similar to my symptoms, but there is a wide range of causes and symptoms.