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heel spur surgery and scar tissue

Posted by jenna on 3/12/04 at 20:13 (146828)

i had EPF last year in march and i keep having pain after, so last week i went back to my foot doctor and he said the surgery didnt work and the pain is from scar tissue and inflamtion. so i have 2 choices either go though physcal therpy for 4weeks, if it dont work then surgery and this time he will take the bone spur out and clean the scar tissue. is this normal? is there any complications from bone spur removel? thank you for your time!

Re: heel spur surgery and scar tissue

Ed Davis, DPM on 3/12/04 at 21:44 (146831)

Surgical treatment of scar tissue can create more scar tissue so that is not a good option many times. It is important that your doctor inform you of ALL reasonable options before you consider further surgery. Other options that you have not listed (or not been told about) include use of injectables such as hyaluronidase (an enzyme) and triamcinolone acetonide (a steroid) to help break down the scar tissue, deep tissue massage (some include that with physical therapy). Also, ESWT can be used after failed EPF -- there is an entire message board on this site on ESWT and Dr. Z, who posts on this site has a lot of experience using ESWT on failed EPF.
Sounds like a second opinion is in order...