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Classic symptoms of TTS are??

Posted by Jayson Tuckey on 3/13/04 at 14:12 (146882)

can tts be just inner ankloe pain? what does it involve

Re: Classic symptoms of TTS are??

Steve G on 3/13/04 at 15:11 (146884)

Pain that is limited to the inner ankle may be a tendon problem. There is a tendon that runs along the inner ankle to under the foot. TTS, since it is a form of nerve entrapment, usally involves neurological symptoms e.g., burning, tingling, numbness. Have you seen a doctor??

Re: Classic symptoms of TTS are??

Lara on 3/20/04 at 14:26 (147405)

The only general rule I know about classic symptoms of TTS are that they fit within what is known as 'nerve pain'. However, lots of people experience nerve pain in different ways. I kept describing it as burning. My family physician siad if I had described it as tingling, she thinks she would have recognized the nerve involvement (and once I told her my diagnosis, she then recognized burning one sign of nerve involvement), but my description didn't fit what she was familiar wtih (and to be fair, the diagnosis was beyond what she shoudl be expected to know, and she did refer me on). I also described undifferentiated pain of unknown origin on the top of my foot. Only the 6th doctor recognized this as nerve pain. The others couldn't explain it and chalked it up to an emotional woman. However, once I had the diagnosis of TTS, many professionals recognized my symptoms as fitting wtihin what would happen with nerve involvement.