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Pain from nowhere

Posted by Steven A on 3/14/04 at 11:41 (146942)

I am going to managing a girls soccer team starting tomorrow. I started training (running) two weeks ago. I was extremely stupid in the approach I did it though. The first week I ran 6 days totaling 25 miles and took Saturday and Sunday off. On Monday, I was starting a 5 mile run when I got these pains. I assumed it was from switching shoes, which would switch the arch so I ran on it. I can't even walk around the house without pain. I'm always in pain. Please help me. If this helps, I'm 5'8, 150 and 16.

Re: Pain from nowhere

Dr. Z on 3/14/04 at 14:11 (146955)


This could be pf or might even be a stress fracture. Stop running and see a podiatrist for an x-ray asap. Might want to read the heelpain book today