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polarized unintelligence

Posted by Lurker on 3/15/04 at 11:41 (147046)

You can't go on both pretending to be right. Dr.Z, wherever you got your education from, they've been lying to you! You got everything backwards, your closed minded, and don't want to admit your wrong, perhaps because you went to school for so long and can't admit that your profs were WRONG??

Do you know, that a high arch foot has most of it's pressure on the outside and first metatarsal, and you inject your orthotics with silicone which doesn't do anything but keep putting pressure on the first metatarsal and keep the pressure on the outside of the foot?
Helllooo?? Get a clue!

Not ever would I go see you because you don't do anything but make the problem worse. Your education did nothing but make you hard headed and WRONG.

Pauline, your a wack job. You shouldn't talk to doctors if you don't like them. Why douse the flames with more gasonline?
Take note: All the doctors you've seen have thrown you out.. Why??
hmmm, maybe because you don't listen, you look for things to start an argument over, and then you bitch and moan about how everyone has done you wrong, and you are right........
If you are miss perfect why don't you cure your own problems and stop harpin on other doctors?? But then you would just find something to bitch about with yourself... Your one of those people who are never satisfied.

And the two of you together do not make a good combination, it would be in Dr.Z's best interst to take some night school courses on logic and biomechanics, close down his shop and rethink his whole silly practice, because he keeps the problem going, he doesn't cure it... Feet aren't supposed to hurt!

Pauline, just go away...... Fix your own feet and put a lid on it. Nothing constructive or informative ever comes out of your mouth.