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Dr Z, Wander or Davis please.

Posted by Jayson Tuckey on 3/15/04 at 14:11 (147059)


I was injectoed of cortisone 2 times in 7 weeeks for tenosynovitis of the FHL and FDL tendons. I noticed no relief and had no further injections. My question is my doctor used .25 cc of depo-medrol, 40mg per cc, and 1 cc of 1% plain xylocaine. Is this medication appropriate?? And can you explain what each does please. Thank you for your time.

Re: Dr Z, Wander or Davis please.

Dr. Z on 3/15/04 at 16:33 (147068)


One of the medications is a steriod medication and the other is a local anesthetic. The steriod medication is used to reduce inflamation (swelling) and pain. The anesthetic is used in combination with the local steriod to reduce the pain when giving the injection. These types of medications are used to treat tenosynovitis condition such as yours.

Re: Dr Z, Wander or Davis please.

JudyB on 3/15/04 at 17:16 (147070)

What were (or are) your symptoms?

Re: Dr Z, Wander or Davis please.

Shirley B on 3/15/04 at 18:37 (147075)

Off and on I do have discomfort with these bunions, They are big and its hard to wear shoes for the fact that they hurt, and not to mention embarrassing everytime they wear out the sides of my shoes, or when I take my shoes off I try to hide my feet. I also have something on the bottom of my left foot that hurts and a few people have told me its like a seed wart or something? It gets to the point where I can't even walk on my left foot.
I should be getting insurance soon, I would like some referals if you know of any good ones.
Thankyou again!

Re: Dr Z, Wander or Davis please.

Shirley B on 3/15/04 at 18:38 (147076)

p.s. I live in Fort Lupton Colorado