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take a look at this

Posted by elliott on 3/15/04 at 15:17 (147063)

This came up in a web search while I was looking for info on the Ossatron:


In what's rather something of a stretch, the titles and beginning of this article claim Buchbinder's study proves all low-energy ESWT doesn't work. In the third paragraph from the end, it uses the one-year success rate (based on the watered-down criteria) as the 3-month success rate. Honest mistake, no doubt. A little clicking around on that site and it soon becomes clear who the main ESWT person there is and what position he holds in that practice. If he didn't write the article, I'd say he's certainly responsible for it. A web search on his name brings up something that no longer surprises me either: he is well respected in the ESWT community; has done loads of ESWT treatments on PF patients; is on Ossatron's panel of researchers looking into lateral epicondylitis; and chairs ismst talks on ESWT. I guess that means 'comparisons can be made'. At least he's not soliciting patients here.

Re: take a look at this

Dr. Z on 3/15/04 at 15:53 (147066)


Is his name on the white jacket doing the ossatron ESWT procedure. I have no idea who you are talking about from Okie country.

Re: when the only tool you have is a hammer... everything looks like a nail

Ed Davis, DPM on 3/15/04 at 19:50 (147083)

Those guys are making generalizations based on a flawed study. Use of the term 'orthotripsy' is proprietary to Ossatron so that is what they are marketing. I have asked people in this new industry NOT to bash their competitors as they wind up only hurting themselves. I have seen Ossatron promoters criticize their competitors in my state to the major Blue Shield carrier -- after several rounds of infighting Blue Shield simply decided to make the whole thing non-covered harming all. Ultimately, the patient gets hurt because he/she cannot get the needed treatment. Their generalization amounts to spreading misinformation and that is simply unprofessional in my opinion. This technology is up and coming and what practitioners should do is promote the technology honestly.