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Tenosynovitis overuse? For the Drs Very important

Posted by William Wilt on 3/16/04 at 07:34 (147106)

dear dpm,

i have developed a condition tenosynovitis of the ankle, i believe is work related as i am a letter carrier who walks 6 miles a day for my route. It developed gradually as I was walking my route one day, with no specific incident this injury progressivley worsened as the pain increased and i had to go out of work because i could not continue to walk on it without increasing pain. I have been out for 4 months using my own sick time which is running out and have tried all immobilzations, casting, pt, steroid injections with no success. It seemms this is a chronic condition as i have had it for 6 months. MY MAIN QUESTION IS MY PODIATRST IS TELING ME IT IS HARD TO PROVE WHETHER THIS INJURY IS WORK RELATED AND DOES NOT WANT TO REPRESENT ME as an occuapational disease. . I AM SO UPSET BECAUSE I HAVE A FAMILY AND I AM NOT GETTING BETTER AND THE POST OFFICE WILL NOT ACCOMADATE ME UNLESS THIS IS WORK RELATED. DR z, davis, wander HAVE YOU PERSONALLY EVER DEALT WITH THE POST OFFICE AND COULD YOU ADVISE ME ON WHAT TO DO? besides get another job!! thanks

Re: Tenosynovitis overuse? For the Drs Very important

Dr. Z on 3/16/04 at 16:24 (147146)

You need to locate a doctor that is willing to represent or be your advocate. I just helped a patient who had achilles tendonitis. There is alot of paper work needed from you and the doctor. It can be done the question is can you find a doctor willing to advocate for you.