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Fractured Sesamoid and turf toe

Posted by Mike L. on 3/16/04 at 09:56 (147127)

I injured my big toe while hiking a year ago and have a fractured sesamoid and possible turf toe injuries to my big toe joint. I have developed a bunion and have very little muscle control of my big toe joint. My excellent podiatrist with 30 years of surgical experience recommends that I see a specialist in dealing with this type of surgery. This is after 6 months of conservative treatment including a 6 week non weight bearing casting. My problem is my HMO wants to let their 'in group' orthopedic surgeon do the job, although he is a hand/hip surgeon. He said it was no big deal, but this conflicts with my podiatrist analysis. Would you agree that this type of surgery and repair of the joint capsule does necessitate a surgeon with much experience in this type of repair? I am preparing for an appeal, but would like to know what others think.

Re: Fractured Sesamoid and turf toe

Dr. Z on 3/16/04 at 10:38 (147131)

Experience always counts. Is the tendon torn?. Would you need a tendon tranfer? Will you need cutting of the bone with internal fixation?. Have the doctor describe what he thinks you need.

Re: Fractured Sesamoid and turf toe

Pauline on 3/16/04 at 16:40 (147148)

I'm not a doctor, but here is an idea for you. This link is to a website of a Orthopedic Surgeon who presented a scientific paper on 'Sesamoid Fractures in the Athletic'. http://www.foot-md.com/cv.htm

After looking at his credentials you might want to email him for information and see if you can get some of your questions answered.

Talking to this physician might be helpful for you.

Best of luck.

Re: Fractured Sesamoid and turf toe

Dr. Z on 3/16/04 at 17:10 (147149)

Dr. Coughlin,
The MD has some very impressive training and recognition. I was also impressed with his opinion for ESWT success. He talks about orthotripsy ( ESWT) having a very high rate of success. I would like to know how many foot orthopedics do ESWT for chronic heel pain. I don't think that sucess means 30%

Re: Fractured Sesamoid and turf toe

Pauline on 3/16/04 at 17:22 (147151)

If you blow up the picture you can read the name on the machine being used when the picture was taken. It reads Ossatron.

Re: Fractured Sesamoid and turf toe

Mike L. on 3/24/04 at 13:39 (147677)

Dr. Z,
After receiving my MRI results there appears to be no soft tissue damage so I am dealing with the fractured sesamoid and bunion repair only. Do you think an experienced orthopedic hand specialist should perform this type of repair?

Re: Fractured Sesamoid and turf toe

Dr. Z on 3/24/04 at 15:30 (147684)

I think that you should see either an experience podiatric and or orthopedic foot specialist. A hand doctor treats hands